The Queen’s health woes: The telling sign there’s ‘more going on’ than we know

Aug 29, 2022
The Queen's absence from upcoming significant event could signify serious health issues. Source: Getty

Royal experts have revealed that Queen Elizabeth II’s attendance at one of her favorite events, the Braemar Gathering in Scotland, will be a telling sign in relation to Her Majesty’s growing health concerns.

The yearly Royal games event has been a tradition since 1832 and regularly attended by reigning Monarchs since 1848.

Royal editor at SunriseRob Jobson, has said the Queen’s attendance at the September 3 event is currently under re-consideration and that her absence could be seen as “quite significant”, hinting that there is “more going on than we’ve been told”.

“I think it will be significant if she doesn’t attend,” Jobson said.

“My understanding is they’re trying to work out ways to get her in, but the fact is that with the mobility problems she’s got, she’s struggling to stand on her feet, it’s difficult.

“We’ve seen all the developments lately that have led to all the speculation,” he said, referring to the Queen’s absence from major events, replaced by her son, Prince Charles.

Sunrise host David “Kochie” Koch asked if the Monarchy was intentionally keeping the people in the dark.

“Is there more going on than we’ve been told?,” Kochie asked.

Jobson replied: “It’s difficult to say but I suspect there is.”

“I think that she’s pretty frail. But that’s to be expected of a lady of 96,” he continued.

“She’s mentally fine, she’s carrying out her work with the red boxes. She’s just trying to fulfill as much as she can.”

The Queen is currently staying at her residence in Scotland, Balmoral Castle, where she has received regular visits from Charles and other members of the family, having stayed longer than the originally planned 10 weeks.

“It now seems the Prince of Wales is making some unusual visits to see his mum,” Jobson revealed.

“He’s in Birkhall which is not very far away from Balmoral Castle, and he has popped in to see her on a regular basis.

“What we’re also hearing though is that she hasn’t really been seen.

“There’s something afoot up there.”

The Duke of Cornwall recently attended the Commonwealth Games, acting as a representative for Her Majesty, declaring the games open on his mother’s behalf.

The 96-year-old Queen’s public appearances have been rare since she was hospitalized for a night in October 2021, for an unspecified illness.

Buckingham Palace revealed she’s since been suffering from “mobility problems”.

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