No more burn! The anti-chafe shorts that are perfect under summer frocks

Nov 22, 2020
Wear your favourite frocks this summer without the worry of chafing with the special anti-chafe shorts. Source: Getty

Aussies may joke about having ‘chub rub’, but chafing is certainly no laughing matter, with the burning sensation of the skin rubbing together causing pain, a rash, and in the most severe cases, swelling, bleeding or crusting.

This generally occurs when the moist skin continues to rub against skin or clothes, in a similar way to how a blister forms. It can be more common among those who exercise a lot or struggle with their weight, but ultimately, it can effect anyone – no matter their size or level of physical activity.

Over the years people have come up with solutions to either ease the pain or help prevent chafing from occurring, including coating the sensitive area with anything from Vaseline and nappy rash cream, to deodorant. But, the greasy feeling of the skin rubbing together isn’t for everyone.

That’s where Bella Bodies Australia comes in. The company has created special anti-chafing shorts that have been designed to stop chafing of the thighs. As the name suggests, the company is Australian, and is in fact classed as the favourite online underwear store for women across the country. And they’ve got a lot of experience, delivering comfortable undies to people’s doors for 14 years.

The anti-chafing shorts are different from regular underwear. They look similar to Spanx and cling to your skin without sucking or squeezing you in so you can be comfortable all day long. The best part is they’re made from specialised fabrics, which help keep you cooler and more comfortable during and after exercise and in the hot weather (which has already hit much of Australia in the lead up to summer!) meaning there’s less chance of chafing.

The anti-chafing shorts are perfect for summer under skirts and dresses.

This cooling effect is derived from a combination of three factors; a flat cross-section structure that quickly transfers body heat, a unique polymer that forms small channels to promote cooling and a special texturising process that gives garments maximum breathability and ventilation.

You can wear them all day, with the shorts remaining cool and breathable over the course of many hours. On top of all this, they’re light and soft, and go perfectly under shorts, dresses and skirts – you will hardly know you’re wearing them! According to Bella Bodies Australia, the shorts are also perfect for plus-size ladies who are looking for something super light and stretchy that won’t make you hot.

Happy customers have raved about the shorts online, with one saying: “Great, fit well, stay in place, cool to wear, don’t roll down or up and no chafe. Well worth the money.”

You can purchase the shorts in sizes small to XXlarge on the Starts at 60 Marketplace, as well as a range of other Bella Bodies Australia products, including firming shapewear, comfy undies and camisoles.

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Have you tried anti-chafing shorts before?

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