Forget the aches! This Choice-recommended mattress is a winner – and it’s on sale

Oct 01, 2020
The Eva Mattress has received rave reviews from customers and it's currently on sale! Source: Eva

As we age we face many problems from health issues to financial troubles – but one of the most annoying problems is bad sleep. You wake up with an aching back, shoulders or hips, and so little rest can leave you feeling grumpy and out of sorts for the rest of the day.

Thankfully, this isn’t a problem you have to live with forever. You may just need a new, more supportive mattress that helps you wake up well-rested. It sounds like a far-off dream, but with an Eva Mattress, it could become your new normal.

And you don’t just have to take our word for it, as the Eva Mattress has been heralded by consumer advocacy group Choice as one of its recommended products for 2020! That’s certainly saying something because Choice is known for the stringent criteria it applies to the products it gives the good word on.

The Eva Mattress has been scientifically engineered to give you the perfect night’s sleep, combining the support of pocket springs with the comfort of memory foam for pressure relief so you can say goodbye to aches and pains caused by a too-firm or too-soft mattress. And today’s your lucky day, because Eva is currently running a sale, so you won’t have to break the bank to get your hands on one of these comfy mattresses.

Eva says the mattress uses cooling memory foam and natural latex in combination with a pocket spring system to help to give your body an optimal rest throughout the night, and Aussies have agreed. The Eva Mattress has received an A+ rating by customers, with some saying it has completely relieved their aches and pains. The only problem is that it’s so comfy, you might sleep through your alarm.

“My partner suffered aching hips and shoulders with our previous mattress, but not with Eva. We have had this mattress for 18 months and still love it. Super comfy, firm, yet the top is nice and soft. And the price is so reasonable,” one happy customer wrote on

Another well-rested Eva convert commented: “We are both over 60 and have had many mattresses in our lives, but never as comfortable as this one. Considering the price I have been expecting it to start to sag or something, but there has been absolutely no give. If we ever have to replace this mattress (somehow I think it will last longer than we will) we will definitely be buying another Eva.”

Plus, if you’re kept awake by a bed-mate tossing and turning throughout the night, the Eva Mattress promises to minimise disturbances. The pocket springs keep you and your partner supported throughout the night, so there’ll be no waking up at 2am when they’re having a bad dream, or changing sleeping positions. And if you find yourself banished to the mattress’s edge by your partner, or even a snoozing pet, you’re unlikely to even realise as the springs along the side of mattress will keep you comfortably in place.

Eva is offering great prices on its mattresses. Source: Eva

So, if you’re ready to have the best night’s sleep of your life, it’s time to get excited as Eva is having a sale right now! You can save over $100 on one of the Choice-recommended mattresses, so instead of paying $900 for a queen size, you’ll pay $800, while a king size mattress will set you back $900, down from $1,000.

You won’t have to wait long for it to arrive either. If you live in a metro area, you can get your mattress delivered the next business day for no extra cost.

The 100 per cent Australian-owned company is so confident that you’ll enjoy a restful night’s sleep on the mattress that it’s also offering a 120-night trial period. If you’re not happy after all that time testing your Eva Mattress, you can send the mattress back, no strings attached.

It all sounds too good to be true, right? Well, we can assure you it’s as fantastic as it sounds! So, if you think it’s time to change mattresses and finally get a good night’s sleep, click here to check out Eva Mattress.

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