6 surprising things you should pack for your next cruise

Sep 15, 2019

When setting out for a cruise there’s a long list of things you will no doubt have enough common sense to pack.  But there’s also some surprising items you should have on your cruise packing list that seasoned cruisers will whisper about amongst themselves.  This helpful packing checklist applies whether cruising Australia, Asia or Europe.

We’ve made a list of the six more unusual items you absolutely mustn’t forget on a cruise holiday.  There’s heaps more, which you can see here in our ‘Cruise packing essentials list’.

1. Plastic bag

When the ship docks, you’ll want to get out onshore and walk around carefree on your shore excursions.  That might mean walking on the sand, or taking in dirty landscapes. Make sure you pack a bag so you can carry your sandy or dirty shoes back onboard.  You might even like to throw a pair of thongs in for when you know you’ll be doing so.

2. Coat hangers

Some cruise ships have a surprising lack of coat hangers, or a very limited supply, and not enough to accomodate a week or two of nicely ironed cruise attire. So be sure to pack some coat hangers to hang up your best outfits.

3. Power board

This is a must for a cruise if you’re bringing electronics. There’s nothing worse than needing to charge something and you only have one power plug in the room!  You probably should check with your cruise company before you take one on board though as we’ve heard tales of some cruise companies not permitting them.


4. A highlighter and pens

Yep – a highlighter, a red pen and a green pen in my humble opinion!  After all – when doesn’t a highlighter come in handy? Your highlighter will be used to organise your daily plan and activities into shape so you don’t miss out on any of the onboard or onshore cruise fun. It’ll save you having to buy one from the cruise shop.

5. Sunscreen

It might seem like something you’d pack anyway – but – pack extra just in case and don’t say we didn’t warn you.  Buying sunscreen on board could be very costly indeed. Instead, pack more sunscreen for cruising than you think you’ll need, and apply it liberally.

6.  Duct Tape (or gaffa tape for us Aussies)

Many expert cruisers recommend bringing along duct tape, and for good reason. This handy tape can do just about anything: it can remove lint, seal curtains, fix luggage, repair shoes or bags and even heal blisters.  It has also been known to hold down a towel so it doesn’t blow off a deck chair.  And to fix a rattle below deck that is really annoying at night.


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Have you got some handy items we should add to our cruise packing list?

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