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No matter how many times fashion trends have come back over the years, that magic seems to have been left back in the 70s. No doubt, there have been more efficient ways of making clothes now but there is definitely a completely different vibe in fashion.

Do you remember wearing those amazing outfits, shoes and accessories back in the 70s?

Here are just some of the things you might have worn during the glory days of groovy fashion…

Want more? Watch this video…

What did you like wearing in the 70s?

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  1. I loved platform shoes. My husband is six foot two so I was happy to wear them I am five foot three.
    Bell bottoms we thought were great until we were looking at some old super eight movies.
    We were walking up a hill with a strong wind blowing. The bell bottoms were flapping madly. Great look we thought back then. Oh well at the time it was good.

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