Millennials setting up 'charity pages' to pay for weddings

Nowadays, newly married couples are requesting donations to help fund wedding expenses. Source: Getty

It’s fair to say weddings are an expensive affair, and when it comes to gifting the bride and groom, there’s definitely some confusion. 

An emerging trend that’s tempting many millennial brides and grooms is the idea of a crowd-funded wedding and honeymoon. Instead of asking for a gift, newly married couples are requesting donations to help fund wedding expenses, including the honeymoon. 

But before there were ‘honeyfunds’ and wishing wells, and young couples didn’t live together before marriage, gift registries were the go-to, to help the newlyweds set up their marital home without doubling-up on gifts. 

Nowadays, the couple likely have lived together, often for several years, before marriage, which means they probably have all the vases they need and don’t want a second toaster or tea set. 

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According to Money reporter Megan Leonhardt, gifting the newly married couple with money is pretty common, but funding their honeymoon is “tacky” and impersonal. 

Megan explained how her friend, who is currently engaged, is opting for a honeyfund instead of a registry, since they already have everything they need. 

“More specifically, entitled millennials who are getting married later in life and already have everything they need,” she wrote.

“Not only was he being super tacky, but, no one actually does this, right?” 

Well nowadays, honeyfunds are becoming increasingly more popular. Last year, searches for honeymoon funds were up 200 per cent on Pinterest, according to the social media site. 

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Megan isn’t the only person who doesn’t agree with newly weds asking directly for money, some people in Western countries feel that giving money removes the element of love that goes into carefully selecting a gift. 

And surprisingly, honeymoons aren’t the only ‘experience’ people ask to fund. 

One couple have started a GoFundMe page to raise funds for their wedding. The couple wrote, “Please help make our day perfect so we can provide the things to make our wedding memorable.”

Weddings are certainly more expensive than what they use to be, and old-fashion backyard weddings are a thing of the past, but as the old saying goes, ‘if you can’t afford a wedding, you shouldn’t have one,” seems fair?

What do you think of the move to money as a wedding gift? Is it rude to ask guests to fund your honeymoon?

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