Diana's brother begs UK channel to drop 'insulting' new doco

Princess Diana
This August marks the 20th anniversary of Diana's death.

Earl Spencer has begged a British television station to cancel a new documentary about the late Princess Diana, claiming it will cause “enormous distress” to her sons William and Harry.

Diana’s brother says the documentary, Diana: In Her Own Words, which is set to air on the UK’s Channel 4, is “a betrayal to her memory” and disrespectful to her legacy.

The intimate recordings, made in 1992, reveal Diana’s conversations with her voice coach Peter Settelen, who trained her in public speaking.

They were made during a tumultuous period in Diana’s marriage to Prince Charles and reveal her distress about their relationship.

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News Corp reports Spencer asked Channel 4 to cancel the documentary, saying its contents would distress Princes William and Harry and that it was disrespectful to air details of the princess’ sex life.

He is joined by a number of Diana’s closest friends, who say the private tapes were never meant to be made public.

However, Ralph Lee, deputy chief creative officer at Channel 4, told The Sun the recordings have historic value and that he doesn’t believe Diana would be offended by the documentary.

“The word that’s been used is that the footage is somehow ghoulish. I don’t think anyone can watch the footage and actually think this footage is ghoulish,” he told The Sun.

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“I think she is self-consciously and clearly taking part in a film process and I don’t think viewers will feel greatly uneasy with that.”

The 90-minute special follows the Palace-approved documentary about the late princess, which aired around the world last week.

Both William and Harry appeared in the show and spoke about their mother’s legacy as well as their last memories of her final days.

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Do you think Channel 4 should cancel the documentary? Did you watch Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy last night?