Signs from the afterlife: What do they mean?

Nov 18, 2023
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The other day I wrote about strange things that were happening while my brother was in the hospital. I am no stranger to unusual phenomena from the “other side,” but these things have escalated, especially since he passed away.

A few days ago, our smoke alarm started chirping and it hasn’t stopped. I know those who have passed can sometimes communicate through electricity. It happened with my mother, my brother, and my older sister.

We haven’t solved the mystery of our chirping smoke alarm, but I hope it will be rectified once we get the new one.  Meanwhile, the chirping continues. I feel like there’s a small bird in the other room. Since then, something else happened. My partner Erika found a dead yellow goldfinch on our patio step. I know these things sometimes happen when birds fly into windows, but this was right outside our lanai, which is enclosed with screens.

It took me back to watching Hitchcock‘s, The Birds, when all those dead blackbirds swarmed around Tippi Hedren. But one dead bird? Maybe it signified something else.

Erika looked into this, and she told me that the significance of a dead bird on your doorstep can indicate that a deceased soul has come to visit you. Since my brother passed away a week ago, perhaps this was a sign from him?  But when I was doing further reading, there were more ominous interpretations.

Sometimes, the presence of a dead bird on your doorstep can signify a transition that you need to go through, a relinquishing of negative behaviors that have impacted your life. We are dealing with a toxic sister-in-law, who has made our lives miserable for the past five years. I am trying to extricate myself from her negative behaviour, so perhaps the bird is signifying that I am moving in the right direction by getting her out of my life. A narcissist is very difficult to be around.

But there are other interpretations as well. Some people believe that it’s an omen of bad things to come. I don’t like this thought at all. The death of my brother was hard enough. I can’t take much more.

We decided to sage the house, just to be on the inside safe side. Saging can rid a home of negative energy, and it only takes about 10 minutes to do. Meanwhile, Erika buried the finch right outside our lanai. For me, it represented a small funeral for my brother who was cremated this week. I like to pretend that the soul of the bird was somehow connected to my brother, and now I have a piece of him nearby.

Have any of you had something like this happen? I don’t know that much about witchcraft or symbolism, but perhaps some of you are more familiar with this sort of thing. I would appreciate your feedback regarding this incident.

Many things cannot be explained. I hope the arrival of the dead bird is the last of them for now.

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