Ex-gameshow king Andrew O’Keefe apologises for disrespectful court outburst

May 12, 2022
Andrew O'Keefe led The Chase to ratings success, but he was replaced by Larry Emdur after a series of scandals. Source: Instagram @lukefuda

One-time Australian television game show host Andrew O’Keefe has formally apologised to magistrate Daniel Reiss for his dramatic outburst during his bail hearing in Sydney’s Central Local Court last week.

The 50-year-old fallen star had accused magistrate Reiss of having “no interest in justice” after his newest bail application had been rejected.

“I do wish to offer an apology unreservedly,” O’Keefe said on Thursday, May 12.

“My behaviour last time was quite disrespectful to the court.

“I come from a family that has experience in the judiciary; my father was a judge, and I know how difficult the job is.”

Magistrate Reiss had warned the disgraced game show host that he was at risk of being found in contempt of court if didn’t apologise for his unruly behaviour and for storming out of the hearing.

Reiss has since accepted the apology and no further action will be taken against O’Keefe.

O’Keefe, a former chairman of domestic violence charity The White Ribbon Foundation, has been remanded in custody since January of this year when police were called to a unit at Kent Street, Sydney’s CBD, after reports a woman had been attacked. He was arrested at approximate 4:30 am before he was taken to Day Street Police Station where six charges were made against him.

O’Keefe had pleaded not guilty to all charges, previously claiming he was acting in self-defence and was the victim of assault himself.

The former Channel Seven star’s defence lawyer, Sharon Ramsden, presented a new application for bail on Wednesday, May 4, requesting that O’Keefe be transferred to a long-term rehabilitation centre in Port Stephens after sources close to the star raised their concern that O’Keefe is in need of “urgent mental health treatment” which is not offered inside a prison.

During the two-hour hearing, former The Chase Australia host became visibly frustrated and despite multiple pleas from Ramsden to stay quiet, the interruptions only continued.

Reiss had also told the court O’Keefe had a “significant attitudinal problem”.

“It’s not an attitudinal problem, it’s a technical problem,” O’Keefe replied.

O’Keefe was then warned that he was at risk of being found in contempt of court.

When questioned by Reiss whether O’Keefe was trying to “sabotage” his own bail application, O’Keefe insisted he was “not arguing” and instead was only “trying to help”.

While O’Keefe’s “prima donna” behaviour continues to cause issues with police officials, the dumped star has not made any further bail applications but will be returning to court for another hearing in June.

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