Fallen TV star Andrew O’Keefe explodes in court after new bail application denied

May 05, 2022
O'Keefe will be returning to court for another hearing in June. Source: Getty

Former game show host Andrew O’Keefe is still on remand for assault charges after an explosive day in court, screaming at a magistrate for having “no interest in justice” after the fallen star’s fresh bail application was rejected.

The 50-year-old pleaded not guilty to six charges that were made against him in January of this year after the alleged assault of a woman in the Sydney CBD.

His defence lawyer, Sharon Ramsden, presented a new application for bail on Wednesday, May 4, requesting that O’Keefe be transferred to a long-term rehabilitation centre in Port Stephens where she said there is a special circumstance of a bed being available.

However, during the two-hour bail hearing, the dumped Channel Seven star became visibly frustrated, speaking over the prosecutor and becoming argumentative with magistrate Daniel Reiss.

Reiss warned O’Keefe he would be “going backwards by speaking up”.

O’Keefe however argued that it wasn’t true and he was “just getting the truth out there”.

Reiss also cited O’Keefe’s “troubling” alleged offences while he was still on bail.

To which O’Keefe replied angrily, “alleged behaviour, Your Honour, nothing is confirmed”.

“Are you trying to sabotage your own application?” Reiss asked.

Despite multiple pleas from his defence lawyer, Sharon Ramsden, to stay quiet, the interruptions only continued with O’Keefe becoming more frustrated with what was being said in court.

Reiss had also told the court of O’Keefe’s mental health and drug issues saying he had “significant attitudinal problem”.

“It’s not an attitudinal problem, it’s a technical problem,” O’Keefe replied.

O’Keefe was then warned that he was at risk of being found in contempt of court.

“I would have been inclined to grant bail if not for the ongoing behaviour of Mr O’Keefe in the court,” Reiss said.

“I’ve dealt with many defendants, some are psychotic and are not as hard to deal with as you. Someone with legal qualifications and 10 warnings should know how to deal with it.

“I am presented with a man who cannot be trusted with complying with directions.”

However, the former Deal or No Deal host insisted he was “not arguing” and instead was “trying to help” before claiming that Reiss had “no interest in justice” before storming out of the hearing.

The disgraced game show host was denied bail and will face contempt of court unless he offers an apology for his courtroom behaviour.

This isn’t the first time O’Keefe’s behaviour has made headlines. Just last month, prison staff at Sydney’s Silverwater Correctional Complex reported complaints about the former star’s”prima donna” behaviour, saying he hadn’t come to terms with his current situation.

O’Keefe will be returning to court for another hearing in June.

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