‘Shut up and present some evidence’: Gary Jubelin weighs in on latest William Tyrrell developments

Jul 03, 2023
Continuing to closely monitor the William Tyrrell case, Jubelin has recently voiced his concerns about the investigation. Source: Getty Images.

The former lead detective on the William Tyrrell case, Gary Jubelin, has weighed in on the long-running investigation after NSW Police recommended charges in regard to the boy’s disappearance.

William vanished from his foster grandmother’s house in New South Wales (NSW) on September 12, 2014. He had been playing in the front yard of the property in Kendall, and was wearing a Spider-Man suit at the time of his disappearance. Despite extensive investigations and renewed search efforts by hundreds of volunteers and emergency service workers in 2021, the three-year-old has never been found.

In the first major development in the long-running investigation, detectives from Strike Force Rosann have reportedly provided the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) with a brief of evidence recommending William’s foster mother be charged with offences relating to his disappearance, as reported by The Australian.

There is no suggestion of the foster mother’s guilt or that she will be charged, nor is there any suggestion that she was responsible for the toddler’s death. William’s foster mother has always denied any wrongdoing regarding the disappearance of the toddler.

William Tyrrell update.
Source: Facebook/@Where’s William Tyrrell? Bring Him Home

Jubelin became a key figure in the investigation for more than four years from early 2015 until 2019. He was stood down as the head of Strike Force Rosann and left the NSW Police force not long after.

Continuing to closely monitor the case, Jubelin has recently voiced his concerns about investigators allowing information regarding potential charges to be leaked to the media, expressing his dismay at the handling of the situation.

“Given the number of leaks about this investigation, it is high time the police put up or shut up and present some evidence,” Jubelin told The Saturday Telegraph.

“I have no problem with police keeping their cards close to their chest, the confidentiality of investigations is crucial. However, when you decide to play out your theories in the media, you forfeit that right. You can’t have it both ways.

“It is just not good enough, leaks are happening, people’s lives are being destroyed and NSW Police are just standing back and letting it happen.”

Jubelin has never been one to shy away from voicing his opinions on the investigation after he was stood down as lead investigator.

In November 2021, Jubelin hit out at former NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller after he criticised his handling of the investigation calling it “a bit of mess” that current investigators “have cleaned up”.

Addressing the criticism head-on, Jubelin passionately defended the handling of the case during his appearance on 2GB Radio on November 18, 2021

“I‘ve been watching and I give respect to the police. I know they’re in there. They’re trying hard,” he said.

“I sit here very confidently and that’s why I take issue when I hear comments that the investigation was in a shambles when it was taken over.

“I rely on my experience along with my gut but I always defer to the facts.”

As the search for answers continues, the nation remains united in its support for the tireless efforts of those committed to solving one of Australia’s most heart-wrenching missing children cases.

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