Scott Morrison chokes back tears during sermon on God’s plan for him

Jul 18, 2022
Scott Morrison speaks of God’s plan for him in sermon at Margaret Court’s Perth church. Source: Getty

Former Prime Minister Scott Morrison told churchgoers he believes God still has a plan for him, during a sermon delivered at controversial tennis legend turned Pentecostal preacher Margaret Court’s church.

Morrison spoke as a guest of honour at the 27th anniversary of the Victory Life Centre in Perth, in one of the few public appearances since losing the Federal election.

“Do you believe that if you lose an election God still has a plan for you?” Morrison asked the assembled congregation.

“I still believe in miracles; God has secured your future; all of it’s true” he added.

“Do you believe if you lose an election, God still loves you and has a plan for you?” he asked the crowd.

“Because I do!”

Scott Morrison high-5s children and joins worshippers at the Perth church run by Margaret Court. Source: Twitter @lynlinking

Morrison also spoke of his beliefs that Australia has been gripped by anxiety, categorising the country’s rise in mental illness as a state of spiritual deficit or part of “Satan’s plan” rather than a “biological issue” or “brain chemistry.”

“God knows that anxiety is part of the human condition,” he said.

“How do I know that God knows that? Well, he spent three years here on Earth with 12 very anxious guys. Every single day.”

Morrison then wrapped up his preaching by telling the church’s followers that they were unique creations of God.

“Identity politics [is] something I’ve always railed against,” he said.

“The idea that you’re defined by your gender or your sexuality or whatever it happens to be.

“We trust in Him. We don’t trust in governments. We don’t trust in the United Nations (thank goodness).”

After his preachings, Court, who is a staunch supporter of the former PM, praised Morrison as the venue erupted with rapturous applause.

“Oh, the lord certainly has a life for you after politics,” she said.

While Morrison was in power, the church received more than $500,000 in JobKeeper payments. This was around the same time when the church had also faced criticism for telling its followers that the “blood of Christ” would protect them from Covid-19.

Morrison’s latest appearance comes after rumours had circulated as to what the former PM’s next career move would be, and if reports are to be believed he could be headed for the rugby pitch.

While nothing has been confirmed, Morrison still remains a member of the Australian Liberal Party.

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