What happens to Camilla if the King dies? The burning question everyone’s asking

Jun 04, 2023
The people want to know! What happens to the Queen when the King dies? Source: Getty

What would Queen Camilla’s title be if King Charles III were to die?

No, don’t worry! There’s nothing to suggest the King’s health is in ill condition, but this is the burning question on everyone’s lips despite Charles only recently ascending the throne on May 6, 2023.

While the question is a bit morbid, it’s certainly valid to consider given that since the coronation, King Charles’ former mistress, Camilla, has decided to go by the title of Queen, opting to forgo the traditional title of Queen Consort.

The purpose of the Consort title is mostly a reminder that while married to royalty, the Consort has no birthright or royal blood, and therefore, does not possess equal authority, political influence, or military powers.

However, despite choosing to be recognised as Queen, Camilla is still officially the Queen Consort.

Unlike the late Queen Elizabeth II, whose official title was the Queen Regnant, if the King were to die before Camilla, her title would in fact change, taking her from Queen Consort to Queen Dowager.

A similar title change would also be given to the Princess of Wales when Prince William eventually ascends to the throne following King Charles’ passing.

This would result in her becoming Queen Consort Catherine.

Unlike Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, who chose to be addressed as Queen Mother rather than using the more technically accurate title of Queen Dowager, Camilla will not be granted the title of Queen Mother when William ascends to the throne.

This is because Camilla is not the biological mother of her husband’s children.

While Camilla would maintain the privileges associated with being royalty, the Dowager title signifies that a person is now a widow of a royal spouse, and no longer addressed as Queen.

Past Queen Dowagers include the likes of Catherine Parr, the final wife of Henry VIII, and Mary of Teck, the grandmother of the recently deceased Queen.


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