‘Hell no’! Police rescue woman with 3-metre python coiled around her leg

Oct 16, 2020
Queensland Police responded to call earlier this month after a woman ended up with a python coiled around her leg. Source: Facebook/ Queensland Police Service

Police officers are used to responding to frightening and unpredictable situations where their lives at are risk, but earlier this month they received a different kind of call when a Queensland woman found herself entrapped by a massive carpet python.

The Samford Valley woman was working in her garage the other week when she noticed her cat had a snake cornered under a car. While many people would grab the cat and run out of fear for their own lives, the woman decided to take it upon herself to rescue the snake instead with the hopes of setting it free once again.

But, unfortunately although she’s a snake owner herself, the wild reptile quickly coiled its tail around her leg and she became trapped in its tight grip. Realising that she couldn’t remove it alone, the woman called emergency services as a precaution and Queensland Police responded to the call.

Now, weeks later, footage from the responding police officer’s body cam has been released online – and it’s truly frightening. The footage begins with the police officer walking towards the garage and calling out “How you going? You’re in a bit of a pickle,” before adding “are you feeling okay, first of all?”

You can then see the police officer bend over and try to remove the snake from the woman’s leg. And perhaps incredibly to some, she remained very calm. “If I had a friend over or someone I, we could have sorted it,” she tells the police officer.

But, even the police officer struggles to remove the python, with its tight grip making it almost impossible for the woman to get free. “C’mon little guy,” they could be heard saying to the reptile. “I know you’re not happy with me.”

“It’s the most interesting job we’ve had all day,” another police officer says in the background.

And thankfully after some effort and with complete calmness the woman was free. Still without any worry at all, she picks up the snake in her hands and moves it to the end of her driveway.

The video has received much attention from Aussies after it was posted to the Queensland Police Service Facebook page. Some were just amazed by how calm the woman and the police officers remained the whole time, while others were petrified by the whole situation.

“Aww, hell no!” Danielle Studholme commented on the post. “Think I’d be calling for another crew to come take over!”

While Angela Mendoza wrote: “I recently unravelled one from my husband’s arm, much tougher effort than I imagined, their body is pure muscle!” And Ruth Mortimer added: “Well done to the officers and the lady involved in keeping calm. Pretty chilled snake, gets to keep hunting rats and mice around the house.”

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How do you think you would have reacted in this situation? Have you ever come close to a snake?

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