‘Oh Jesus!’ Irish woman’s hilarious reaction to a pool has internet laughing

Sep 20, 2019
Video captured the hilarious moment a 71-year-old Irish woman attempted to go swimming. Source: YouTube.com/Melanie Gillespie

While being by the seaside or splashing around in the pool is something most Aussies rely on to cope with the unrelenting hot weather, a 71-year-old Irish woman has gone viral thanks to her hilarious reaction to getting in a swimming pool. Footage uploaded to YouTube by a woman named Melanie Gillespie shows another woman named Claire sitting nervously on a chair beside a pool and dipping her feet into the water.

Hilariously, Claire won’t take her sandals off, much to the disgust of Melanie – who is filming the incident. She eventually takes her sandals off and expresses her fear that she will drown – before bursting into fits of laughter when she tumbles off the chair. She explains there’s “not a hope in hell” that she’s getting in the water, while Melanie encourages her by telling her to get her bum in a little more.

“I’d die if I got in there,” she says, while her friends offer her money and a shopping trip if she gets in the water. “I don’t think I’d get down that far.”

She then explains that she’s wearing tights underneath her jeans, which prompts Melanie to yell, “Oh for the sweet love of Jesus”.

Eventually, Claire turns her body around and attempts to enter the water backwards and further hilarity ensures. With her body half in the water, she begins to ponder how on earth she’s going to get out of the pool she struggled to get into in the first place.

“How am I going to get out?” she asks between fits of giggles. “Pull me up! Oh Jesus! Mary!”

When her feet eventually hit the bottom of the pool, Claire begins wheezing with laughter and claims that she’s “never seen that much water before”. She also becomes disoriented and asks her friends where she is, before attempting to get out of the pool.

The video only gets funnier with Melanie stomping her feet in hysterics as her friend becomes stuck in the pool. When she eventually pulls herself out, her friends claim she looks like a porpoise and a seal as she flops around on the deck.

‘Am I up?” she asks, despite the fact that she’s laying belly down on the ground. “Oh god! I’m never doing that again!”

Fans of the hilarious video have given their approval online, praising Claire for her accent and for how funny her reaction was. One person on Twitter wrote: “These ladies are the best of friends! I’m giggling with them!” Another comment read: “This has given me the best laugh I’ve had in years. I love you Claire … you’re fabulous,” while a third simply added: “She’s like a seal.”

Of course, it’s not the first time a British lady has gone viral in no small part because of her accent, with a Scottish fan recently winning fans around the world for her hilarious reaction to reading her grandson a book. Janice Clark won a legion of fans after she was captured on video wheezing with laughter while reading children’s book The Wonky Donkey by Craig Smith to her four-month-old grandson last year.

The book has been amusing parents and children alike since it was first published in 2009 and tells the story of a three-legged donkey who adds a new adjective to his name with every page until he’s eventually known has the spunky, hanky-panky, cranky stinky dinky lanky honky-tonky winky wonky donkey.

Janice does her best to engage her tiny grandson, who by the way appears thoroughly disinterested in the book. She lets off a tiny laugh when she finishes the first page and it’s evidently a sign of things to come. By the second page, the laugh gets louder and eventually, she’s wheezing with laughter so much she can’t complete her sentences.

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