‘He’s definitely a fighter’: John Farnham’s family optimistic about singer’s recovery

May 14, 2023
Robert Farnham's optimism for his father's recovery is well-founded after it was recently revealed that the Aussie entertainment icon has “made a full recovery” from a recent chest infection. Source: Getty Images.

As singing legend John Farnham continues his journey towards good health after battling cancer, his family has spoken of their optimism regarding his recovery.

In August 2022, the singing icon behind the chart-topping anthem You’re The Voice underwent surgery and treatment for mouth cancer. Sadly, Farnham experienced a setback when he was readmitted to the hospital in late March of this year due to a respiratory infection.

Despite his setbacks, Farnham’s son Robert has revealed that he is “in recovery” while providing some insight as to what lies ahead for the entertainment legend during a recent interview with Sunrise.

“It’s a fairly long road, as cancer is, but he is doing well and we get to spend a lot of time with him and his spirits are up so that is all we can ask for,” he said.

“We are just proud of him, he’s definitely a fighter.”

Looking to the future, Robert said that his father is “really strong, he’s resilient and he is quite stubborn” and that it’s all about maintaining a positive approach to his father’s recovery.

“I wouldn’t say it’s a tough road, I’d say it’s another thing he has to get through as a lot of people have to go through,” he said.

“Cancer is a horrible thing but he’s got great support — the hospitals have been amazing, the staff are amazing, and shout out to those guys.

“It’s all about remaining focused and uplifting yourself. He (inspires) us.”

Robert’s optimism for his father’s recovery is well-founded after it was recently revealed that the Aussie entertainment icon has “made a full recovery” from a recent chest infection that saw him admitted to hospital.

Following his surgery and treatment for cancer in 2022, Farnham was dealt another blow to his health when he was hospitalised in March of this year with a respiratory infection.

However, his family revealed that Farnham is on the road to recovery after issuing a statement updating fans on his health status.

“We’re pleased to say that John made a full recovery from a recent chest infection in late March which required hospitalisation,” the statement read.

“He is now comfortable and continues to receive ongoing treatment and rehabilitation care.

“The family would like to re-iterate their appreciation and deepest respect for all the medical staff that have attended to John over the past eight months and the many thousands of kind messages that (have) been received from across Australia and the world.”

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