‘Going to make everyone pissed’: Jeremy Clarkson’s new beer advert banned for promoting ‘drunk’ culture

Apr 30, 2022
This isn't the first time one of Clarkson's ventures has been penalised, after his Hawkestone beer brand was previously fell short of Britain's advertising standards in December, 2021. Source: Getty

English journalist and former Top Gear host, Jeremy Clarkson, has recently released a humorous new advert for his beer brand, however, Britain’s advertising standards (ASA) haven’t found it all that funny.

The new advert for Clarkson’s Hawkestone beer brand was recently banned by the watchdog after it was considered to promote excessive consumption of alcohol. In the advert Clarkson declares it’s “going to make everyone pissed”, accompanied by the tagline “Hard to make. Easy to Drink”.

Clarkson took to social media on Tuesday, April 27, to share multiple snippets of the advert as he expressed his frustration at the ASA’s decision to ban the ad.

“Irritatingly, this ad has been banned because it turns out, you aren’t allowed to say that drinking lots of lager will make you drunk. Hawkstone.co,” Clarkson wrote under one post.


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“The lawyers say I can’t use this ad because it contains the word “feces”.Hawkstone.co,” he wrote under another.


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This isn’t the first time one of Clarkson’s ventures has been penalised, after his Hawkestone beer brand previously fell short of Britain’s advertising standards in December, 2021 for using profanity.

“It’s watched Roman armies march past, and the Normans, and the plague, and the Luftwaffe, druids, new romantics and punks… And now it’s watching me standing in front of it, drinking some lager – lager that I’ve made in its honour,” Clarkson said in the ad.

The former Top Gear host ended the video by taking a swig of his lager as he addressed the camera with a final statement.

“Fuck me, that’s good!” Clarkson said.

Despite the controversy surrounding Clarkson’s choice of advertisements, his Hawkestone beer brand “was named as as the biggest selling beer on Amazon in the UK”, prompting “Clarkson and the brewers to limit sales to one case per customer so it didn’t sell out”, according to B&T Magazine.

Hawkestone beer is brewed at Clarkson’s farm, Diddly Squat, in Costswalds.

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