Stick to the day job! Ellen DeGeneres gives elderly mum a questionable haircut

May 22, 2020
Ellen DeGeneres has given her mum an interesting new haircut. Source: Instagram/ theellenshow

Ellen DeGeneres has treated her mum to a special birthday haircut this week, but fans have been left questioning whether the 90-year-old should have just waited for hair salons to open up again instead of trusting her daughter with the clippers.

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus many have been forced to hold off visits to the hairdresser, and some have turned to cutting their own hair. There have been successes and failures, and most believe Ellen’s experience cutting her mum’s hair probably comes under the latter.

The television host took to social media to share a video of the hilarious hairdressing experience, with her mother sporting a worried look on her face as Ellen hacks at her beautiful white locks. Elizabeth, or Betty as she’s more commonly known, started off with a gorgeous curly ‘do, but they were soon taken away by the clippers.

“Oh, oh …,” the 90-year-old could be heard saying as she listened to Ellen with the clippers at the back of her heard. “It’s not that short mother, it’s just taking the edges off, I promise you,” the TV host replied.

As more and more hair landed on the floor Betty’s anxiety over her new haircut started to rise. “Why am I letting her do this?” she questioned. To which her daughter promptly replied: “Because it’s your birthday.”

“You don’t use the scissors?” Betty asked her daughter. “Believe me, you don’t want me to use the scissors,” Ellen responded.

The filming then stopped briefly while Ellen continued the haircut and when it resumed, the new very short haircut was revealed. While the TV host appeared quite proud of her work, Betty didn’t seem as enthused when she first looked in the mirror. “Do you like it?” Ellen asked her mum. “No, not yet, but when I wash it … oh you really cut it short!” Betty replied.

And fans weren’t too impressed with the haircut either, with many taking to social media to leave their thoughts on Betty’s new hairdo.
“You mom [sic] is so beautiful, why did you cut her beautiful hair so short?” @shanazhassanshahi questioned. “As a hairstylist I’m really scared right now!” @straightupcurls said. While @seemsmd added: “@She looks worried and I kind of don’t blame her!”
But, not all the comments were bad, with many others blown away with how incredible Betty looks for her age.
“Ellen your mama doesn’t look 90. She looks younger. May God bless her always,” @sarah_saratha said. While @oceanblueeyes22 wrote on Instagram: “Oh my goodness, I’ve never seen your mother. Now I know why you are so beautiful Ellen! Your mother is a gorgeous lady! Hope I look that good at her age.”

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Have you given yourself or a loved one a haircut during the coronavirus outbreak? How did it turn out?

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