British PM Boris Johnson’s umbrella mishap leaves Prince Charles in stitches

Jul 29, 2021
Prince Charles and Boris Johnson pictured at a police memorial on Wednesday. Source: Getty

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is making global headlines this morning thanks to a video circulating on social media of himself struggling with an umbrella during a visit to the UK Police Memorial.

In the footage Boris, who was sitting next to Prince Charles, can be seen holding up his umbrella and offering it to someone behind him. As he does this, the umbrella abruptly shuts close. Boris then fumbles to get the brolly back open again before it inadvertently turns inside out.

While it’s supposed to be a sombre affair, Charles and several other officials nearby can be seen laughing at the prime minister as he continues to fumble with the umbrella. Boris eventually manages to open the umbrella without incident.

The humorous incident occurred as Boris and Prince Charles attended the unveiling of a memorial to police officers who have died in the line of duty in Staffordshire on Wednesday.

It didn’t take long before fellow Brits jumped on social media to comment on the funny video. Twitter user @iamthemusicman2 wrote: “I know everyone is divided on Boris. I like him. But you have to say he is good entertainment.”

And @Paul30609569 tweeted: “This is part of the reason why Boris is still popular despite what has taken place in recent years. I won’t believe you if you tell me you didn’t laugh watching this!”

Meanwhile @sumitra094 sympathised with Boris and said they same thing happens to them, commenting: “This made me laugh. This happens to me every time I try and open an umbrella when it rains – it always manages to turn the wrong way.”

Twitter user @KezMoz cheekily wrote: “He is basically Mr Bean. Or a very well educated actor playing a buffoon, just like Mr Bean.”

And @AntacsB made a comment on Charles’ reactions, tweeting: “Prince Charles is like, not this fool. Bye.”

It’s not the first time Boris has been caught on camera struggling with an umbrella. On Tuesday, Boris could be seen getting absolutely drenched while speaking to a reporter, despite holding an umbrella.

“The biggest task Boris Johnson faces today: learning how to effectively use an umbrella,” one person wrote on social media following the incident.

Did the video of Boris Johnson and Prince Charles make you laugh? Have you ever had this happen to you?

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