Simple hack to crack an egg sends internet into a spin

Feb 19, 2021
No more stray pieces of shell in your scrambled eggs! Source: Getty

We’ve all been there before; you crack an egg into a frying pan only to have tiny pieces of shell splinter into the oil and cement themselves right in the middle of the egg. While there are plenty of ways to crack an egg a new technique has caused a stir online.

The ingenious method was first posted on social media platform TikTok and has since gone viral. Instead of cracking an egg on the edge of the pan, the video instructs people to drop it into the pan from a height (shell and all) and instead of breaking into little pieces it cracks perfectly, allowing you to remove the shell with ease. Plus, the yolk remains in tact!

Within no time people across the world began attempting the hack, including KISS FM radio host Jackie ‘O’ Henderson, who shared her success on the Kyle and Jackie O Show‘s Instagram page.


Testing tik tok theories

♬ original sound – maddy

“Jackie used a TikTok hack to cook breakfast this morning,” the post read.

And indeed it did work! Well, the egg didn’t crack perfectly down the middle but it was a solid line and Jackie was able to remove the shell fairly easily, with the contents remaining together.

Since then a whole heap of people have shared their thoughts of the hack online, and there’s been mixed responses, with some excited to try it out themselves, while others claim it’s just as easy to crack an egg on the side of the pan.

“Omg, definitely gonna [sic] try that one then show my kids,” @CyndiCooper967 wrote on TikTok. While @Viren commented: “Will be trying this tomorrow morning”. And @AndrewDaywalt added: “Yeah from what I understand cracking an egg on a flat surface is better than an edge. You don’t have to drop it though.”


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A post shared by Kyle and Jackie O (@kyleandjackieo)

Some however, were concerned about the cleanliness of the egg and said they would have to scrub the shell thoroughly beforehand to ensure there wasn’t any nasties on it.

“I’m going to try this but only after I’ve scrubbed the egg clean,” @user2966651081548 wrote on TikTok. “I’m not keen on chicken juice on my egg.”

Another person had a similar opinion commenting: “Temperature does not get hot enough to kill bacteria on outer shell you just got in egg white. Never do this!”

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