Smashing stereotypes: The Baby Boomers embracing string bikinis with confidence

Jun 27, 2023
Age is just a number as over 60s defy societal expectations and make a splash in stylish swimwear. Source: Getty Images.

In a groundbreaking trend that has captured the attention of fashion enthusiasts and beachgoers alike, over 60s are breaking free from age-related stereotypes and embracing the daring and stylish string bikini.

According to recent findings from Australian company ClearPay, it has been revealed that the purchasing trend of string bikinis among different generations has shifted significantly.

ClearPay’s latest data indicates a remarkable surge in the purchases of skimpy swimwear by Baby Boomers compared to other age groups. In fact, the number of women between the ages of 59 and 79 who have purchased string bikinis online has experienced an impressive growth of 245 percent in the last year.

Additionally, the research conducted by ClearPay highlights a significant increase of 59 percent in the purchase of bikinis by Baby Boomers.

It would seem that the days when society dictated what was suitable for each age group are well and truly over as over 60s rewrite the rules and defy expectations with their choice of swimwear.

The bold fashion choice not only challenging societal norms but also sending a powerful message about embracing the concept of body positivity, showing that beauty and confidence know no age limits.

Clearpay’s in-house Fashion Psychologist Shakaila Forbes-Bell told The Daily Mail that Baby Boomers’ online shopping is a reflection of an increasing positive body image.

“Qualitative studies have found that baby boomers reported experiencing radical acceptance regarding their body image as they aged, with some research indicating that 46 is the age we officially stop caring about what others think,” Forbes-Bell explained.

“Martha Stewart’s breathtaking swimsuit shot acts like a beacon, demonstrating to this generation that beauty standards are evolving and expanding and that Baby Boomers are part of this more inclusive standard.”

In addition to potentially triggering a widespread trend of body positivity among over 60s, lifestyle guru Marth Stewart also sent pulses racing when she recently graced the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit edition, to which Forbes-Bell refers.

At 81 years old, Stewart made history as the publication’s oldest cover star, stealing the title from 74-year-old model Maye Musk who appeared on the magazine’s cover in 2022.


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In a post to social media, teasing the cover image, Stewart told her loyal fans that she hoped the cover would inspire others “to challenge” themselves and “try new things” no matter their age.

“My motto has always been: ‘when you’re through changing, you’re through’, so I thought, why not be up for this opportunity of a lifetime?” Stewart wrote alongside her post.

“I hope this cover inspires you to challenge yourself to try new things, no matter what stage of life you are in. Changing, evolving, and being fearless – those are all very good things, indeed.”

Stewart gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated and the recent uptick in sales of string bikinis among Baby Boomers proves that age is no barrier to flaunting your individuality and desired fashion choices.

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