Daily Joke: Smart old John!

A new building went up on a suburban link road. It was a cluster of three shops with identical fronts. 

A Greek greengrocer bought the first, telling the developer he would set up a nice fresh produce store. He chose the shop on the left so as to get the morning business. It would have a sign over the door that read, ‘Con’s Fruit and Veges.’ 

A Chinese market gardener bought the one on the right. He told the developer he, too, would establish a fresh produce shop and expected to get the home-bound afternoon traffic. His sign over the door would read, ‘Freshest Produce.’ 

Old mate John bought the shop in the middle and said his intention was to have a fresh produce shop. The developer was a bit surprised and asked what signage he’d have above the door. John answered, ‘Main Entrance’.

Classic Australian!


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