Daily Joke: The smart leprechaun

A lady walked into a bar of an upmarket Sydney hotel. She was tall, slim, blonde and beautiful. Every male and many a female eye watched when she sat at a barstool, folding her long, lovely legs under her as she propped her shoes on the footrest. About to take the first sip from her drink, she was approached by a very short man. He sat on the barstool next to her.

“Hello,” he said, smiling happily. “I’m a leprechaun. I’ve had a wonderful day and would love to finish it off by granting you three wishes”.

“Wow, really…?” the blonde replied. There was something convincing about him as he nodded in agreement so she said, “I’d like a million dollars”. He snapped his fingers and said it was done. When she arrived home, she would find a million dollars in the boot of her car. “Oh, and your new car is the red BMW M6 out the front of the hotel.

She gulped, eyes bright, then added her second wish. “I’d love a beautiful house up in the Blue Mountains with fabulous views”. The leprechaun again snapped his fingers and said when she left her wish would be granted. Not only would the house be furnished and ready to live in, but the GPS in her M6 would also be programmed to take her straight to it.

“That’s incredible! The only thing missing is my third wish. I’d like a boyfriend who looks like a Greek god who will treat me and love me as his goddess”.

The leprechaun again snapped his fingers and told her, “He will be waiting for you between satin sheets on your new bed”.

“Thank you so much! I must go now and see for myself”. She unfolded her legs and slipped down off the barstool, ready to leave.

The leprechaun placed a hand gently on her arm and said, “Hey, just a moment. I’ve done all this for you and you’re going to rush off just like that? Don’t you think you might offer me a favour in return?”

Thus they went to his room on the 20th floor and made passionate love. Lying on the bed after the event, he turned to her and asked, “By the way, how old are you?”

Puzzled, she said, “I’m 28. Why…?”

He smiled. “28, and you mean to tell me you still believe in leprechauns…?”

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