Daily Joke: A series of unfortunate events

The pirate had had the most unfortunate experiences. Source: Getty Images

A pirate walks into his local tavern after being away at sea.

The owner greets him and says, “Good to see you, friend. Hey, you didn’t have a peg leg last time you were in here. What happened?”

The pirate replies, “I fell off the deck during an awful storm. A shark bit off my leg while I was in the water, so now I have this peg leg.”

The owner says, “Ah, that’s unfortunate. How about that hook on the end of your arm? That wasn’t there before.”

The pirate answers, “Well, I was in the midst of a terrible fight and my hand was cut off with a sword, so I have this hook now.”

The owner says, “So sorry for you. How about that patch on your face? You had two good eyes when I saw you last.”

The pirate responds, “It was a beautiful day. Clear skies and no trouble. I looked up at a bird, and the wretched thing pooped right in my eye.”

The tavern owner exclaimed, “And that made you lose your eye.”

The pirate explained, “You see, that was my first day with the hook.”

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