Daily Joke: The refrigerator escape

Apple, Lemon and Pea escape from the fridge. Source: Getty Images

Apple, Lemon and Pea escape from the refrigerator. Happy to be free from their prison, they go to a bar to celebrate. Many drinks later, they’re all tipsy at best when they come across a hill.

Pea, being an energetic drunk, gets super excited saying, “Hey! Let’s roll down the hill! Come on!” Before the other two objects, he launches himself down the hill.

Apple looks at Lemon, shrugs and says, “Why not?”

Lemon looks hesitant but says nothing. Apple then begins his roll down the hill after Pea.

Lemon, after a moment, follows suit and rolls after.

Pea, being light, rolls down the hill with ease. Apple, being a little heavier, but able to hold his liquor, arrives moments later. Lemon, being a bit awkward and lopsided, tumbles and repeatedly slams against the hillside on his way down and when he reaches the bottom he’s all yellow in the face and moans.

Pea, excitedly proclaims, “That was awesome! Let’s do it again!”

Apple holds up his hand in caution, “Easy Peasy. Lemon’s queasy.”

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