Daily Joke: A young boy visits the corner store

The boy took the coin and left. Source: Getty.

A boy goes to the corner store. On seeing him enter, the cashier whispers to the customer he’s serving: “This is the dumbest kid in the world. Just watch this.”

The cashier pulls out a single dollar coin and places it in one hand then holds a five dollar note in his other hand.

“Which do you want?” the cashier asks the boy. The boy looks at both for a moment before picking up the dollar coin and leaving.

“What did I tell you? The kid never learns!” the cashier laughs.

Later, as the customer is leaving he sees the same boy leaving the ice cream shop next door.

“Hey, son!” he shouts out. “Can I ask you why you never take the five dollar note?”

The boy licks his ice cream and replies: “Because the day I take the five dollar note, the game is over!”

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