Daily Joke: A boy overturns his father’s tractor

Source: Getty Images.

A boy overturned his father’s tractor. The farmer who lived next door saw what happened so he went over to the boy and said: “Hey son, don’t worry about that. Come over and have dinner with us and I’ll help you get the tractor up later.”

“That’s really nice of you,” the boy replied. “But I don’t think my dad would like me to do that.”

The farmer insisted, “Ah come on son. Have a bite to eat and then we will sort it out.”

The boy shrugged and walked over to the farmer, “Ok, I will. My dad won’t be happy though.”

The farmer sat the boy down and treated him up a three-course meal. The pair sat and chatted for hours at the table before the boy said he should probably return: “Thanks for dinner but my dad is going to be pretty angry.”

The farmer replied: “No worries, son! He’ll be right. By the way where is he?”

The son shrugged back, “He’s under the tractor.”


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