Timber tricks: 6 easy ways to fix scratches on wood floors and furniture

Mar 19, 2021
Wood scratches aren't the end of the world. Source: Getty

Wood has been having something of a resurgence in interiors of late, with everything from lighter oak to darker walnut tones lending a warmer, earthier vibe to homes and cafes alike. But when you pair wooden furniture and floors with everyday life – including grandkids, pets and removalists – it’s no secret they can get scratched.

It can be expensive and time consuming to fix scratched wood (i.e. if you sand back and re-lacquer), but there are some quick, cheap hacks that you can try yourself at home. (And you probably already have the items you need in your kitchen right now!) Here are six of our favourite timber tricks:

1. Lemon juice and oil

Mix equal amounts of lemon juice and vegetable oil in a bowl. Dip a clean cloth into the mixture so that it’s heavily coated, and then work it into the scratch, going with the grain.

2. Black tea bag

Soak the darkest tea bag you have in hot water for a few minutes, then squeeze off excess liquid and rub it into the scratch. Wipe off any excess liquid and repeat as many times as needed.

3. Iodine

Using a fine brush, paint iodine in the scratch and let it dry. Apply more layers if on dark wood; or dilute it with clear alcohol for light-coloured wood.

4. Walnut or pecan

Take a walnut or pecan and cut in half. Rub the nut over the scratch, then rub over it with your finger until warm. You can also use the coloured side of the walnut on the scratch.

5. Vaseline 

Smear petroleum jelly over the scratch and leave it overnight. This can help the surrounding wood to plump up and fill in the scratch. Wipe away in the morning and polish the surface.

6. Vinegar and olive oil

Mix equal amounts of white vinegar and olive oil in a bowl. Rub into the timber surface, then allow to dry and voila!

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