Celine Dion resembles blinged-up fisherman in $141K outfit

Celine Dion is never scared of high-fashion outfits, but this one's particularly edgy.

Celine Dion’s been strutting her stuff in a series of high-fashion ensembles in recent weeks, but she seems to have outdone herself with this one.

The songstress posted a photograph on Instagram of herself in Paris, wearing a faux-leather overalls from pricey French fashion house Givenchy, pearl-embroidered sandals by famous Italian fashion design Guiseppe Zanotti, and diamante-encrusted sunglasses from Gucci.

She finished off the unusual outfit with what appeared to be a crocodile-skin Hermes Kelly handbag that looked very much like the Hermes Himalayan bag that was offered up for sale for almost $600,000 in 2014.

At the time, a Vogue story described the handbag, which was made from the skin of a Nile crocodile, as being “rendered in a subtle coloration that is meant to evoke images of the majestic Himalayan mountains”. The bag came with 18-karat white gold hardware studded with diamonds. 

E News! dubbed the outfit a fashion triumph.

“She knows that she is one of very, very few people who could pull off such a look and make it look effortless,” the entertainment site said. 

Billboard, which called it a “standout look”, reckoned that Dion’s Birkin wasn’t THE super-expensive Birkin but was still hugely expensive, putting its price at more than $130,000. The overalls, which were not unlike those worn when fishing or doing a dirty job, retailed for almost $2,600 and the sunglasses for $1,700 and the shoes for just under $7,000.

The Sun was less congratulatory, though, saying that despite the expensive outfit, “she still ended up resembling a fisherman in overalls”.

Was Celine Dion’s look a fashion winner or a dog’s dinner?



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