Before you do the weekly shop: Aussies have rated the top dishwasher detergents

Aug 23, 2020
Canstar Blue surveyed Aussies to help find out the best dishwasher detergents on the market. Source: Getty

Gone are the days of scrubbing the dishes by hand, trying to get off the dirt and grime, with most Aussie households now including a handy dishwasher in the kitchen. After you’ve finished your meal for the night you quickly pop the dirty dishes in, press the button and within an hour they’re sparkly and clean – at least that’s what you hope happens.

Unfortunately, some dishwasher detergents fail to do their job and you end up wiping off the mess yourself and probably start questioning ‘why do I have this dishwasher anyway?’ Thankfully, according to Canstar Blue there are some really effective dishwasher detergents that will actually do what they say they’re meant to.

This year the financial comparison site asked more than 1,600 Aussies about their thoughts on the dishwasher detergent they’ve purchased and used in the last six months. Brands were rated on everything from their effectiveness, the final result and the scent to the ease of use, environmental friendliness, value for money and overall satisfaction. Then those brands which impressed, and met the minimum required survey sample size, were featured in the results.

And this year, Fairy topped the ratings, earning five-star reviews in most categories. It will cost you between $10 and $30 depending on which supermarket you visit, and what version of the product you choose (liquid or tablet form). In the latest survey, Fairy rated best for overall satisfaction, effectiveness, final result, ease of use and overall satisfaction.

Following closely behind was Logix which is sold at the popular supermarket chain store Aldi. The product, which comes to 30, 40 and 60-tablet packets, received great ratings as well. For effectiveness and value for money Logix received 5-stars, while for everything else, including overall satisfaction it got a 4-star rating. Next was Finish, followed by Morning Fresh, Earth Choice, Shine and Coles Ultra in seventh place.

Meanwhile, the Canstar Blue survey also questioned Aussies on the main things they look out for when it comes to choosing a dishwasher detergent and if they pre-rinse their dishes before loading them in.

According to the research, lots of people shop around for a while, with 34 per cent of consumers claiming they have used more than one type of dishwasher detergent to find out what works best. On the other hand, some have settled on their favourite detergent already, with 36 per cent of people sticking to the same brand.

Quite a few people also make sure to grab the largest container or packet size available (26 per cent), while just 18 per cent stay with whichever product is the cheapest.

Meanwhile, the latest survey also showed that 50 per cent of respondents give their dishwasher a helping hand by rinsing the dishes before loading them inside. And 37 per cent of Australian adults also regularly use a dishwasher cleaner.

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Do you have a dishwasher? What detergent do you use? Is it on this list?

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