7 frugal living tips your mum would be proud of

Save your pennies by using nature's clothes dryer instead. Source: Getty

It’s no secret that our parents and grandparents in general lived, or were forced to live, far more frugally than we do now.

They were in the habit of “making do” – and many of the habits they employed to live on a shoestring budget can be helpful even now, especially if you’re trying to cut down on expenses in retirement.

Give these tips a try to see where you can save a few dollars here and there.

It all adds up, after all.

1. Line dry your washing

Tumble dryers are a great convenience, but they suck up a whole lot of electricity. Where you can, use the line, or if it’s raining set up a clotheshorse inside or on the porch. If it’s really necessary, you could use the drying to “finish” the load if it’s not quite dry. You’ll still be saving plenty of electricity – and being kinder to the environment at the same time. And besides, there’s nothing better than the feel of freshly line-dried linen!

2. Grow your own veggies

You might not be entirely self-sufficient, but by growing your own food you’ll save money at the checkout and get the satisfaction that can only come from preparing food you grew with your own hands.

3. Stretching meals

If you’ve bought a rotisserie chicken, for example, you can usually get several meals out of it by using different parts. The same goes with a roast lamb; you could use the leftovers in a casserole or a shepherd’s pie.

4. Make your own cleaning products

A little vinegar, bicarb soda, or dishwashing liquid is usually all you need for surface cleaning, so you can skip the expensive products in the cleaning aisle in the supermarket.

5. Freeze leftovers

If you have a lot of leftovers, freeze them! This way, they don’t get thrown out after a few days, and they’ll be there when you can’t be bothered cooking, saving you from ordering expensive takeaways.

6. Stop using paper towels

If you have some old towels, cut them up to use as cloths for spills, and wiping down surfaces. They can be thrown into the next wash, and they’ll not only save you money, but they’re better for the environment.

7. Exercise for free

Expensive gym memberships are not only a waste of money, they often don’t even get used enough to get your money’s worth. Instead, go for a walk in the fresh air, walk the dog, or if you want to do some strength training, use your body weight at home. No complicated equipment is necessary. Since Covid came along, there has also been an explosion in brilliant on-line workouts for every age and energy level. So no excuses for any of us.

Do you have any other tips for being frugal that you picked up from your mother or grandmother?

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