Mum sparks anger claiming daughter, 24, is too young to have a baby

pregnant belly
Woman are having children later, but one woman thinks her daughter is too young. Source: Pixabay

Nothing seems to fuel more cries of “mind your own business” than discussions around a woman’s body. Whether it’s about pregnancy, child birth, weight gain (or loss), online forums are rife with strong and varying opinions about what women should or should not do.

A Mumsnet user has sparked outrage for commenting that she is “a little disappointed” that her 24-year old daughter, who is getting married this September, plans to start trying for a baby soon after her wedding.

The mother, known in the forum as WinterAX, wrote that she was “thinking it was too soon for DD [darling daughter] to be trying for a baby.

“I have to admit I do feel a little disappointed. DD is only 24 and it seems such a young age to be intentionally trying for a baby. Her DF [darling fiancé] is quite a bit older (33) and I wonder this could be the cause of the sudden urgency.”

While she conceded that “they’re a lovely couple, been together for 4 years, own a home together and have well paid jobs…so technically there is nothing wrong with it”, she felt that “it’s a huge waste of her younger years when she has plenty of time to think about having children.”

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Most Mumsnetters suggested she mind her own business.

“It’s none of your business,” wrote a user called PurpleDaisies. “If she wants kids now and they’re in a good position to support one, butt out. There’s no way that conversations ends happily.”

Another forum member, Bobbiepin, suggested that the mother was being unreasonable. “YABU, its her choice and if you want to start this whole process off with being unsupportive then expect to not be involved with the child. I couldn’t have a grandparent be that involved if I’m reminded constantly that said grandparent didn’t want my baby to exist.”

A few users related to her concerns, and said that they would also be worried, but ultimately told her to stay out of it.

“I get where you’re coming from (and I’d feel the same) but ultimately she’s an adult in a stable long-term relationship and it’s her decision alone,” wrote peachgreen.

What are your thoughts? Is 24 too young to start having children? Is it anyone else’s business?