Mother distraught as adult son tells her she'll never be a grandma

The lady didn't know how to react when her son told her she was never going to be a grandmother. Source: Pexels

As people get older, one of the many things to look forward to is becoming a grandparent. It’s hard to forget that feeling of being told you’re going to be a grandparent for the first time, and for many it’s a moment they treasure forever.  

One woman who won’t be feeling that joy is Gransnet user Wannabe, who took to the grand-parenting forum to express her disappointment in her adult son who told her she will never be a grandmother.

The woman explained that her son had been married for a few months and she’d been eagerly awaiting the news that he and his wife would be hearing the pitter-patter of little feet someday soon. Unfortunately for her, it’s not going to happen. 

“On the weekend that hope was shattered,” she wrote. “They announced that they will not be having children. They say they are quite happy and like their lives as they are.”

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Her son told her that children were not in his future, which meant she would never experience what it’s like to be a grandmother. 

“I am trying very hard to respect their decision but inside I am absolutely distraught,” she revealed. “Since they told me I’ve felt an absolute emptiness inside.” 

Trying to comfort the woman, another user explained that she could relate to her pain. 

“Although in slightly different circumstances, I am too grandchildless,” the second woman wrote. “My son and DIL [daughter-in-law] went through hell and many years trying to get pregnant. Perhaps it’s easier for me to come to terms with not being a grandparent because I’ve been distracted by watching their suffering. They have now resigned themselves to being childless and are throwing themselves into work and volunteering hoping to fill the gap.”

A third person suggested the Wannabe’s son may one day change his mind. “I told my mum she would never be a nan,” she explained. “I’d never have children. Disliked the idea of being tied down. I now have two children. It might be the way for you. Never say never!”

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While man offered their sympathies, some advised the woman to accept it and move on.

“Whilst I absolutely feel your sadness, it is up to the couple as to whether or not they have children and for their families to accept that decision,” they said.

What do you think? Did this happen to you? Do you have any advice for someone who wants to be a grandmother, but might not be?