Prince Harry's touching tribute to Diana at star-studded event

Prince Harry
Ahead of the awards, Prince Harry also attended the 100 Women in finance Gala dinner. Photo by Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images.

Prince Harry touched many hearts, just like his mother did, while giving a speech at the Virgin Holidays Attitude Awards, on Thursday night.

The popular royal, looking dashing in a tuxedo, was there to accept the legacy award on behalf of Princess Diana, and he spoke about her determination to raise the profile of HIV, with the aim to change the perception and lessen ignorance on the issue.

“She knew that AIDS was one of the things that many wanted to ignore and seemed like a hopeless challenge,” Prince Harry said at the event.

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The posthumous award recognises the significance of the work Diana, Princess of Wales did, in challenging the stigma and fear that surrounded HIV and Aids in the 1980s and 1990s.

Talking to the crowd, Harry said he, and brother Prince William, were incredibly proud of her determination.  “She knew that the misunderstanding of this relatively new disease was creating a dangerous situation when mixed with homophobia.”

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He mentioned the famous photograph of his mother shaking hands with a dying AIDS patient in a hospice and said she knew exactly what she was doing.

“She was using her position as Princess of Wales, the most famous woman in the world, to challenge everyone to educate themselves; to find their compassion; and to reach out to those who need help, instead of pushing them away.”

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He said in the years that followed her work continued to make a difference.

Other award winners on the night include Kylie Minogue, Greg Louganis, English TV presenter Amanda Holden, the band Erasure, rugby union referee Nigel Owens and activist DeRay McKesson

Do you think that photo did indeed help the world look at HIV and AIDS in a different way?