The Bill Cosby saga takes an unexpected turn

One of the women that have accused actor and comedian Bill Cosby of sexual assault has withdrawn her defamation lawsuit

One of the women that have accused actor and comedian Bill Cosby of sexual assault has withdrawn her defamation lawsuit today. Kristina Rueshli was a legal secretary for a talent agency when she attended a party at Cosby’s house with the alleged attack occurred. Ruehli says that after two drinks that were supplied to by Cosby, she blacked out and woke up nude next to the comedian.

The reason that Ruehli and more than 50 other women have defamation suits against Cosby stems from the cases being too old for criminal prosecution. Ruehli withdrew her claim stating that she has proven her story and cleared her name after Cosby’s legal team accused her of lying.

In an interview with the Union Leader, Ruehli said ““It was never about the money for me,” continuing with “New Hampshire is a very small state. Everyone knows your name. I felt like I was walking around with a big red letter ‘L’ on me for ‘liar.’”

Ruehli also stated that if the case continued to court, she would be forced to bring people who are in their late 70s and 80s to trial, including her 79-year-old husband, and this is something that she didn’t want to do.

Cosby has continued to deny that these attacks happened, and a statement released by his attorneys said: “This is now the second of these defamation cases that has been dismissed, either by a court or by a party”. Cosby is set to stand trial for one of these alleged attacks in Pennsylvania and has stated that he will continue to fight the allegations that have ruined his legendary career.

Cosby’s attorneys finished their email with “For those in the media who accepted every allegation raised without question or evaluation, they need to answer the well-known question with respect to Mr Cosby, ‘Which office do I go to get my reputation back?’”

Do you think that it was a correct thing for Ruehli to withdraw her case? How do you feel about the cases as a whole?

  1. Beth Ferrier  

    Bravo for Kristina has shown that she did not lie and look what it took. Cosby and his crew refuse to still accept the fact he is lying and we are not!! Look what she accomplished to clear her name and what it cost her not only financially but the emotional and physical toll it takes to stand up against the Cosby.

    • Beth Ferrier  

      Bravo for Albert and Kristiana Ruehli! !! Believe the women it is true that Cosby does drug and sexually assault his victims of choice. She has proven once again why victim’s do not come forward. Cosby and his crew show how dark and twisted over 5 decades that he has been allowed to use his celebrity to continue his need overcome women for his own gain. Shame on you Cosby! Kristina has her reputation iron clad and you won’t ever because you refuse to apologize.

  2. I don’t know the facts, nor do you or anyone else. Opinions are not facts. Accusations are not facts.
    When this man faces criminal charges and is found guilty… then he is guilty.
    Until then he is a man facing unsustained accusations and opinions and is entitled to the presumption of innocence, so put away the tar and feathers until a verdict is determined.
    People are not guilty or innocent based upon media speculation

    • Wiso  

      What an intelligent and informed comment !! Well done Graham !! It is so refreshing to see comment from someone who is fair and level-headed.
      You echo my sentiments exactly.
      Unfortunately, muddy accusations and media speculation always leave a negative residue which is so unfair.

    • Karen Smith  

      Just because someone hasn’t gone to trial yet does not mean that they are innocent, only not guilty yet!!!! Pill Cosby hasn’t been convicted, but has admitted his guilt over and over by paying off those that he drugged and raped. Also, he admitted in the Constand deposition that he procured Quaaludes to give to women that he wanted to have sex with. Kinda his MO, don’t you think???? And how about his admission that he had sex with underage girls? NO WAY is he innocent………………duh.

  3. Very Interesting that someone who claims to be a victim of sexual assault to withdraw their lawsuit— they claim they were not looking for status nor wealth – because they have that- then why not continue with the lawsuit? Are the lawyer bills adding up ?? she wait over 50 years to say something – she could have helped prevent other accusations-seems she is more interested in not being called a liar…than to try and help victims of rape. To say she is satisfied with the dragging, destroying his legacy seems more like an action of a scorned vindictive woman and not someone seeking justice or helping the rape culture. maybe she withdrew the lawsuit because her story has changed many times. I just find it very interesting.

  4. Waylon Duford  

    Wrong. Dead Wrong. You couldn’t be more wrong. What the hell does a Jury trial have to do with “finding the truth” in the matter? Since when was the courts the final arbiter of truth? What if he goes to trial and he’s “found” innocent? That means he didn’t do it? What if he’s “found” guilty, and then appeals, and later is “found” not guilty? Why do people think that what a Jury decides is the truth?

  5. Maybe the lady who withdrew her complaint should be investigated for vexatious litigation, however, given the age of the alleged offices, it would probably be impossible to prove.

  6. Susan Bell  

    Robinoz and Kia, I abhor your ignorant blame the victim, all women lie , attitude. Go out and ask men and women who have been raped just how hard it is to bring a case against the rapist, ask them about powerlessness, especially the powerlessness you experience when the perpertrator is exceedingly rich and well known, ask Rolf Harris’ victims, or the wealthy Catholic church. police ignorance, societies ignorance add to the horror of the situation. As a rape victim I reported it to the police, they said I should not have been out on my own at night (6 pm) and what was my star sign. I have worked with rape crises centres, maybe you should contact one and ask them to educate you. Having read your comments I am in tears about your cruelty and ignorance.

    • Karen Smith  

      I agree with you, Susan, and they wonder why rape victims do not come forward!!! It is amazing how both men and women will rally around a rapist and ridicule and debase their victims! Our society has not evolved very much since the 1950’s in regard to rape culture. In fact, that culture in highly protected and prized to this day!!!

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