Stephanie Scott’s killer to appeal sentence

Less than 24 hours after Stephanie Scott’s family was rocked by the death of their husband and father, it has

Less than 24 hours after Stephanie Scott’s family was rocked by the death of their husband and father, it has been reported that the man convicted of her murder is set to appeal his life sentence.

According to 9 News, lawyers for Vincent Stanford have lodged a notice of intention to appeal the sentence, which was handed down by Justice Robert Hulme in October.

The 25-year-old was found guilty of the rape and murder of New South Wales schoolteacher Stephanie Scott and was sentenced to life behind bars with no possibility of parole.

At the time of her death, Scott was due to marry her boyfriend Aaron Leeson-Woolley.

When Starts at 60 reported Stanford’s sentence, many of you expressed your support for the decision and sent your condolences to the Scott family.

Justice Hulme told the court when handing down his sentence that the case was one of “great heinousness” and said that Stanford’s guilt was “so extreme” it could “be met with only one response”.

Stephanie Scott’s father, Robert, was killed by a falling tree on the family’s Canowindra property on November 1.

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  1. Sharron Hampton  

    Scum bag ,leech on the taxpayers and still playing mind games with not a care in the world for Stephanie’s family and friends . What makes you think ,Stanford, that you deserve another hearing at the expense of the taxpayer? You admitted to Police your depraved and horrendous actions against Stephanie. How dare you! If I had the chance, and I’m sure there are many out there like me think you should be left to rot in hell. What gives you the right to believe or think the we as taxpayers should allow money to be spent on an appeal when the Judge after all evidence was presented made the following comment” the case was one of great heinousness” Nothing, absolutely nothing justifies your having the right to appeal. Sadly you are going to be a burden to the taxpayer and no doubt bleat about the way you are treated. Sit down sunshine and think about what you did to Stephanie. No on second thought don’t, you revelled in what you did and you’ll never change. My heart goes out to Stephanie’s family, fiancĂ©e and friends. Stephanie was obviously a beautiful girl who was loved by so many and to learn that they now have now lost Stephanie’s father is terrible. My thoughts go out to the family

  2. Eileen  

    There should be NO Appeal possible when sentenced for rape, & murder.

    More waste of Taxpayers’ monies’.

    Damn shame ‘the rope’ is no longer used!
    He, & many others’, eg Anita Cobby, Jill Meagher, & Daniel Morecombe rapists’, & killers’, would be perfect candidates’ for that lethal punishment, & very well deserved!

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