Samantha Armytage has had enough of ‘this rubbish’

The 'Sunrise' presenter is being hounded and she's reached her limit.

You have to feel bad for Samantha Armytage. The Sunrise presenter has been under siege by paparazzi for months now as some women’s magazines are paying top dollar for snaps of her doing anything.

One of the favourite headlines is to speculate on who she is dating. Something she hit out against on Instagram not long ago saying, “In the past week or so, I’ve been ‘in love with’ with; a gay colleague, a straight colleague, a bloke I stood next to at the races 3 months ago, a Gladiator, a British boy-band member & 17 other people I’ve never met”.

Armytage added, “I urge all of you half-sensible people out there not to read/buy this rubbish. And certainly not to believe it. Where’s the integrity in ‘journalism’ these days? If I stand next to someone, it DOES NOT MEAN I’M DATING THEM.”

Now, it seems that the paparazzi have crossed the line as she took to Instagram again last night to share the new way that they are trying to get pictures of her. A drone. Armytage stated that she was going to call the cops because she is “Fed up with this rubbish.” She also warned any buyers of the photos saying, “ANY women’s magazines or online gossip sites who buy these creepy pictures, had better be prepared for a fight.”

The owner of the drone has not been found at this time.

What do you think should be done to protect her privacy? Should photographers be allowed to do these types of things for a “story”?

  1. Caroline  

    Who cares

    • Carmel  

      The rest of us don’t why should she?

      • Diana Pinckney  

        “the rest of us” is not accurate so please think about that. I care
        as Sam, and all others, are entitled to privacy if they wish.

        • Gordon  

          that’s the whole problem today! “WHO CARES” just shows the attitudes of persons who are not affected by the invasion of their privacy.

      • Jan  

        You would if you were the one being stalked!

    • Jane Stewart  

      These magazines are getting desperate for stories. I really feel sorry for Sam. It’s bad enough she can’t go out in public without being photographed but now she can’t even step into her own back yard. GO AWAY PEOPLE!

  2. Ian  

    Its very simple if its not the truth you have to compensate ,not hearsay,not inuendo. The truth make the journalists work for their story .

  3. Jan  

    Who cares Caroline? Most people who are compassionate and unselfish care!!! I guess you must be one of the “half sensible” people Sam mentions. Maybe you would CARE a little more if it was happening to YOU!! .

  4. Jeff  

    Thats the price you pay for being so attractive Sam.

    • Christine  

      Would you feel the same if it were your mother or your daughter?? What a dreadful thing for you to say Jeff

  5. Why can’t they leave her alone, she is a lovely young woman who is trying to get on with her life, the last thing she wants is some bloody perv with a drone hovering overhead, are trolls running her down on Facebook. Obviously they have nothing better to do. If Sam wants people to know what she is doing or who she is dating i am sure she will let us know, but the magazines have to come up with some sort of a story, but unfortunately it is all lies. Please leave her alone and let her get on with living hers.

  6. Ali T  

    You take the cash you put up with the trash.

  7. Jean  

    I doubt read that crap anyway. Haven’t bough a women’s magazine for years for this very reason. They ruin lives of normal people.

  8. A very good question Sam ( and I sympathise).
    Why not go and ask the Channel 7 News Room.

  9. Mary  

    I never buy these magazines but was reading one at the doctors the other day which was 6 months old and it said that Nichole and Keith were getting divorced and last week they were at an awards night very loved up, didn’t look like a divorce to me.

  10. Truth 13  

    Oh Sam, don’t worry about the wolf’s cry. They may be jealous or have a broken heart, as they are interested in you but unable to catch your your eye. The problem for you is, you are very good looking, but they may be wondering, why you are still not hitched to someone at your age. I wish you all the very best, to find a good man, soon.

    • Robyn Moore  

      I don’t think they should have an open permission to make up stories about Sam and publish them, it’s beyond a joke now and now using a drone – seriously beyond invading any bodies space and should be charged!

  11. Cam  

    All celebrities should move to Tasmania we have laws that state if you are in a private setting no pap can take your photo without permission and if they do they will be prosecuted!!
    Plus it’s a great place to live 😀

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