Pauline Hanson reveals her new political dream

The latest poll results showed One Nation had gained popularity with even more voters.
Minor parties are growing in popularity around the country.

She made a stunning political comeback last year, winning four senate seats in the federal election and now it appears One Nation leader Pauline Hanson could be aiming even higher.

The latest poll results out today show One Nation has surged in popularity across the country, with an 8 per cent approval rating across the board.

Hanson said she was delighted with the result and when asked by the Seven Network if she would want to run for the prime ministership one day, said she wouldn’t rule it out down the track.

“To be PM, what an honour that would be,” she said on the Morning Show.

“It is a privilege to be the leader of the nation, but it is a tough position and I can understand that you can’t please everyone all the time.

“My job now is to represent the people of Queensland and to build the party.

“Maybe one day, down the track, in 15 or 20 years time, who knows what will happen.”

The independent parties saw a rise in popularity to 19 per cent, following trends around the world that show voters becoming disenchanted with the major parties.

But while Hanson holds out hope she could one day run the country, her fellow independent senator Derryn Hinch has rubbished the idea.

“Pauline may be the leader of One Nation, but I can assure you shall not be leader of the nation,” he said in their weekly Morning Show segment.

“She’s dedicated, she believes in what she’s doing, but she will not form the opposition or government and that is the fact.”

What do you think? Could Pauline Hanson ever be PM? Would you prefer a minor party lead the country?

  1. Irene  

    And why not pray! We’re so disillusioned and disgusted with the way our elected representative are

    We’re so disgusted with our elected representatives are, whose only representation is all about filling their pockets by robbing us and allowing all the illegals in just to get their grAtitude votes, dishing out the dole to whoever is too lazy to work and not those who are genuinely looking for work only, pretending that the aged pension is “charity” not something those people have worked hard for and the governments have borrowed against but never repaid, Pauline Hanson has at least our votes!

    • Anna Katnich  

      It seems that there is a growing support for a smaller parties, but as far as Pauline becoming a praminister is bit far fetched .

    • Michael  

      Why not? Because she’d destroy the economy and throw millions of Australians into penury. We’re a trading nation and her protectionism would destroy our whole economy. She couldn’t run a chippie successfully!

  2. John Walker  

    They did say at one point that Donald Trump would never be President. In this crazy world… anything is possible.

  3. Murray Walker  

    With the exception on Nick Xenophon there does not appear to be a politician worth feeding on the Australian political scene. Pauline would be at the bottom of this very disappointing barrel.

    • Guy Flavell  

      CORY AND PAULINE … give ’em heaps !!! Nick’s a nice guy with NO ideas whatsoever.

    • Greg Hills  

      Nick Xenophon is down there next to Pauline!

  4. Geoff sharp  

    At least when her lips move you know that she is talking the truth…

    • danielleperry1465  

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  5. Pamela  

    With Cory Bernardi branching out on his own, a coalition of Cory and Pauline would be unstoppable!

  6. John Kleinman  

    Oh no the last thing we need is another goose with delusions of grandeur.

  7. Joan Tisdell  

    Surely you all josh! Pauline speaks her mind regardless of the comeback she cops, something most of our politicians don’t know how to do, sometimes she isn’t right but most times she is! We need more like Pauline who stands up for the Australian people and our way of life, look beyond your noses people and see the BIG picture!

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