Keith Urban makes heartwarming admission about Nicole Kidman

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have a strong marriage and they haven't been afraid to open up about it over the years.
Keith Urban chats during an interview on the Grammys red carpet. Source: YouTube

For many here at Starts at 60, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are the perfect couple.

The Aussie superstar couple haven’t been afraid to open and share their love – the good times and the bad – over the years.

You might remember reading recently about some comments Nicole made on The Ellen DeGeneres Show about her hubby.

She told Ellen DeGeneres that Keith ignored her phone calls for four months and that she thought he wasn’t interested in her.

It’s a situation many of us have faced when we’ve dated.

But Keith has told his side of the story and made a heartwarming admission about why he didn’t call Nicole back.

 Fox News reports the country music star said  he thought Nicole was “out of his league” during an interview on the Grammys red carpet.

“That’s the longest story,” he said when asked.

“Have you ever met anyone who you thought was completely our of your league?”

Unfortunately Nicole was unable to join Keith at the Grammys, as she was attending the BAFTAs in London.

Nicole and Keith have won the hearts of many over the years for their displays of affection and openness about their marriage.

Neither of them is afraid to show their romantic side, as Keith’s comments show.

How beautiful is that?!

Are you a fan of Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman? Have you ever thought someone was “out of your league”?


  1. Sandra Miller  

    I love these two, hope that they are together forever

    • Jim  

      Great couple, love them both BUT, Keith is a Kiwi, not an Aussie..

  2. Joan Marshall  

    How very nice of Keith Urban to think Nicole Kidman is out of his league and possibly he is but that is not to stop him from adding a bit of polish to his personality or standards. Too many people are afraid of change and change can only come from the person.

  3. Gloria  

    I love this couple! I’m a huge Keith fan and I’m glad she helped him get clean. He’s so humble and so talented. I didn’t feel he was ever out of her league. I believe he was still dating Nikki Taylor and that’s why he didn’t call Nicole until they broke up.

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