Karl Stefanovic speaks out about his divorce

The Today show host has opened up about his divorce and is failings as a husband and father.
Karl is opening up.

He had a rough end to 2016 and now it appears Karl Stefanovic is finally ready to talk about it, opening up for the first time about his marriage breakdown.

In a surprisingly frank conversation, the Today host told the Page 13 he has “failures” as a husband and father and that he hopes to make up for it all in future.

Karl said the hardest part was how his children had had to suffer through it all.

“For me personally I would definitely have failures in a husband sense and hope that I can rectify my failures as a Dad,” Karl said.

“I hope I can try and rebuild whatever has happened in the past and try and make the most of what I can do with them in the future.”

Speaking about his estranged wife, Cassandra, Karl only had nice things to say.

“She is an amazing woman,” he said.

“It’s a real burden emotionally for both people breaking up after a long and successful marriage.

“Life is life. People make mistakes. People have break ups. People mostly try to do their best and sometimes they fail.

“I think that we will work through it as best we can.”

As anyone who has been through divorce will know, one of the hardest things is watching your children suffer as they try to deal with their parents going separate ways.

It seems Karl is trying to send them the same message most people would with their own children: it’s not their fault.

“It’s not their fault,” he said. “For me I just want to be there for my kids as much as I can.

“It’s not easy on anyone and the priority has to be on the children in any situation.

“For me the only issue was the burden of paparazzi around my family in the initial months. That is regrettable, that is hard to explain to a kid and I think it is awful for kids.”

The surprising interview comes after months of silence on Karl’s end. Just days after their divorce was announced, Cassandra took to social media to vent her frustration about the toll Karl’s job had taken on her and their marriage.

These kinds of things are never easy, so it’s nice to see they appear to be working things out.

Can you relate to this? Have you been through divorce? What do you think of Karl’s admissions?

  1. Ginger Meggs  

    What wishy, washy garbage from a supreme narcissist. It sounds like he has read a book on what to say when you ruin the lives of your loyal wife and blameless children. What a snivelling grub- but no surprise.

    • sue  

      You never know what s really going on in someone else’s marriage. It’s easy to judge. What he says sounds trite but at least he’s not bagging his wife.

      • Liz  

        It certainly sounds trite and has all the earmarks of a corporately staged monologue. So in the orchestrated speech he doesn’t bag his wife, of course not it wouldn’t “fit” with the new image that his publicists are trying to create. It has the require time lapse since the initial outing and all the right words have been framed in his conversational dialogue. For goodness sake see past the superficial and staged and see it for what it really is.

    • Ronda  

      Well said i agree his a non event never watched the little grub.

  2. J.Loehr  

    It is as Karl says
    Live so the best for all concerned leave them alone and keep your opinion to yourselfs

    • Liz  

      That is exactly what his publicists are trying to achieve with this “conversation”.

  3. Robert Green  

    What an arrogant self centred pompous little man! He continues to act the fool on the today show. Yesterday when Effie and her male entourage were on screen he was caught by the camera ogling the guys and making suggestive faces to them. Perhaps his wife discovered he swings both ways?

  4. Chris  

    He needs to grow up and get back to his family. They and his wife should be the main priority and not a job that could end tomorrow. Unless he goes home snd learns to love his family first he will end up a lonely old man. What a bad example he is to his kids, love, support, integrity and loyalty!

  5. Joy Anne Bourke  

    This is none of our business. Keep out of it. I cannot understand people saying nasty things
    when it has nothing to do with them and probably most of you have been through a separation or divorce.
    I have and I was the one that walked but my children were over 18. The children do suffer because they don’t understand. Leave Karl alone and let them work things out. I am so glad Karl is back on Today – missed him.
    Good luck Karl and hope things work out. The media do not help they should stay out of it.

    • Ian  

      I totally agree with you- everyone should just take a pill and settle down, leaving the couple and their kids alone. They are facing a terrible trauma and it is not helped by gossips prying their noses into their business and offering opinions about issues they know nothing about.

  6. Everyone seems to have an opinion..And it isnt anyones business but the couple..So just butt out..look after your own life…

  7. Cloin Oldham  

    It’s best to butt out and leave it to Karl and his Wife and kids to sort it. After all it’s their life, not ours.

  8. Val mcintosh  

    I agree people should mind their own business,nothing to do with anyone else

  9. Brian  

    Come on…it’s all an act to attempt to garner support and sympathy and for all to realise this ‘Super Cool’ arrogant conman is actually a ‘Mister Nice Guy’

  10. Carmen  

    Poor kids I’ve seen what break ups do to children in the short and long term.

  11. Lynne Brear  

    it always amazes me how people feel they can comment about someone they don’t even know! They don’t know the real situation! They don’t know the two people and kids involved! Too many opinionated people who get stuck into someone just because of what they see on the television show he’s involved in! His job is to act the fool and he does it very well. The media have trumped up and invaded just another celebrities privacy and people still believe what they read. Try checking out those trash magazines (Woman’s Day, New Idea etc) in the doctors, dentists etc when they are a couple of months old and you’ll realise their information is 80% wrong and so and so was not pregnant or having an affair or split up or on with this celeb. Go Karl live your life the way you want to and hope your kids understand.

  12. michael payne  

    karl is an immature and obnoxious person i cannot understand what he is still doing on the today show whilst he was away the show was watchable soon as he returns the immaturity begins again i cannot watch that show thank god for sunrise and cassie all the best for yours and your kids future

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