Government document reveals plans to cut age pension

The leaked document shows a drastic proposal to overhaul the age pension
Thousands would be affected by the change.

A leaked costings measure for the May budget shows pensioners would lose out under a proposal to cut payments and remove concession cards from some welfare recipients.

News Corp has reported the government considered the savings measure, which would target anyone who received a fortnightly payment of less than $20.02.

Pensioners on a payment this low is entitled to the Pensioner Concession Card which provides lower-cost medicines and discounts on motor vehicle registration, drivers’ licences and council rates.

If the costings measure was passed it would mean these pensioners would no longer be able to use the concession card.

The document reportedly takes particular aim at pensioners, especially those who have rearranged their assets to be eligible for the welfare payment.

“The objective of this proposal is to simplify administration of the payments system by setting a consistent floor below which payments would not be made, to avoid making small fortnightly payments,” the costings document said.

However, prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has taken to social media to slam the report, saying the government has no plans to change the age pension in the upcoming budget.

“A report today that the government is cutting the aged pension is false and we outright reject it,” he tweeted. “I can assure all aged pensioners the measure reported will NOT be in the Budget.

“We assured the journalist too, but she insisted on writing the story. And sadly, I can also assure you that you can always rely on Bill Shorten to lie.”

What are your thoughts on this? Do you worry the government will cut the pension one day? What would this mean for you?

  1. Carole  

    How about the government cuts some of their benefits after they leave office like a weekly page which is much more than pensioners get. No one else is offered these sort of benefits when they leave work.

    • Dianne  

      I totally agree the politicians should take a cut themselves. How many exprime ministers are we supporting and they are receiving pensions when they retired with a big super payout and some have millions as well. Also the government is paying welfare payments to these illegal immigrants and some of them have more than one wife and a tribe of kids.

  2. Marcellus Calleja  

    You cannot trust this Government with the aged pension. They find the elderly easy targets to fix the budget. Joe Hockey has tried it as did Scott Morrison. Malcolm Turnbull reassurance is because he feels the pressure that his leadership is slowly falling away from him.

    • Ray  

      No government can be trusted, all tell lies and have their snouts in the public feed trough.

  3. Peggy cox  

    Im sorry Mr Turnbull but the already implimented changes to the pension which took place Jan 2017, have been enough for my partner and I to change our votes…. jaquie Lambe will be my 1st choice.

  4. Margaret Hunter  

    Who cares really half the world is poorer than pensioners in Australia. What must be must be. Oh by the way I live only on the pension.

    • jaywalker  

      No, not what must be must be. Other comparable countries (and that’s the operative word) do much better than us with pensions. We could fix this overnight by taxing the rich fat cats and big business and lessening spending on defence.

    • micheal  

      Your an idiot, probably a Liberal idiot at that.

    • JoeB  

      I am dismayed at how the government can justify the reduction in pensioner asset test from over $1,000,000 down to $825,000 and expect that the interest that one gets from these is equivalent to the same as pension.
      As the economy is and cost of living is increasing so is the pension, yet a pensioner having some assets has their pension reduced down to $0 just because they have more than the asset limit.
      If the pensioner now has less to live on then that is the punishment for working, yet a bludger that does not want to work gets every possible handout paid for by the taxes the workers are paying.
      The government should be looking at making these people pull their weight as I, for one did even though I have a disability I worked and not relied on handouts.
      I have lived in Canada previously and there they do not asset test and one can gift to their children any amount without any penalties.
      Back to my main concern; I now lost my measly little pension I was getting. What happens to the concessions that were part of the pension benefits, like car registration, council rates reduction, etc.

      I believe that the next election the pensioners will retaliate and vote against the present government.

      One pays their taxes for education, protection and their welfare.

      You are very selfish in supporting this move. You will complain once you will be affected by loosing your benefits in future.

  5. dennis  

    Words mean a lot “the measure reported will not be in the budget” does this mean something else is about to
    be included

    • Bruce  

      Or does it mean that the measures reported will show up in some other sneaky plot by Turnbull and Morison apart from or after the budget.

  6. patrice mcdermid  

    I am not far away from receiving an old age pension. I was 64 in January. I have 5 dollars in my bank and have no help from gov. at all. The way this Turn bull is going i and others like me might as well just pull the plug now. No matter how hard you have worked in your life, which i doubt he hasnt even worked a sweat up in his life time! The lucky country! what a load of………!!!

  7. Gloria  

    This is totally unfair especially when we work all our lives and paid our taxes. At a time in our lives when we need the help its given all to families and people who are unemployed. A lot of these people are not interested in getting employment, because the benefits outweigh the effort to get out of bed and go and do something with their lives. Why not reduce the other pensions especially New Start, which would force them to look for work.

    • Ruth  

      Make all boys and girls do National Service to earn their Newstart. We would be a better Country and have much better citizens

      • Guy Flavell  

        Well said Ruth. Such a simple answer and would soak up 20% of the
        unemployed with worthwhile end results to their character and loyalty.

      • Jan  

        Yes, I totally agree! It would teach our kids some respect, discipline and compassion and knock the chips off their shoulders quick smart!

    • Marian  

      My sister is 59 on Newstart, she gets $250.00 a week , lost her home when she was self employed , worked long pays rent to her daughter whom she lives with..How can she go with a pay cut?…

      • Joycey  

        According to the article, she WON’T lose anything. I’m in roughly the same position as her. The costings talk about people receiving $20 or less per fortnight. Don’t be Chicken Little “The sky is falling” unless and until the Budget.

  8. Joan  

    We Are below poverty line now any cuts would have us in workhouse if in the 1800’s. Cut parliamentarians perks and rorts rorts that would bring a few million in.

  9. Caroline  

    Why don’t you leave the pensioners alone.

    • june  

      the last change made was no pension if you have morethan $816000 but with the intrest rates at 3,10% will not get as much as the full opension so what hapens if we need to go into a nursing home we wuould be told to pay big money and keave nothing to live on

  10. Dee Lampard  

    They’ve done it once and they will do it again – they can’t be trusted

  11. Peter Sutton  

    The British television programme Yes Minister/Yes Prime Minister suggested the best way to sell an unpopular policy was leak something worse. Then when you released the actual policy,uyou would get away with it as electors would believe they had been spared. I wonder what other measures they may be considering after assets test changes and proposals to change indexation rate.

    • Jack Dice  

      This heap of RICH Bastards ,ripping us at every turn , we need to revolt and demand back our Common Laws Rights ,they have slowly taken all our rights away ,The pay they receive in Gov is Illigal under common laws of this land , Don’t trust any pollie any more even Pauleen Hansen doing deals with the damn Libs

    • Peter Lucas  

      ahh Yes Minister stillas relevent today as it was 40 years ago I,m sure many current politicians watch it and copy the Government ploys

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