Dolly Parton rallies behind fellow singer’s Parkinson’s battle

You might remember the trio of magical voices that was Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt. Now the trio

You might remember the trio of magical voices that was Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt.

Now the trio have reunited but the tragic reason behind is absolutely heartbreaking.

Dolly and EmmyLou are rallying behind Linda Ronstadt as she battles Parkinson’s Disease.

Speaking on the Sunday Night program last night, Dolly revealed she is one of Linda’s biggest fans.

“Linda is such a voice she can sing anything I personally think Linda’s one of the greatest singers ever including Streisand or anybody,” she said.

“I mean Linda probably has the most stunningly beautiful voice of our generation.

“When I first heard her when I was knocking around the clubs in New York, I didn’t meet her then. But I saw her, and I was incredibly jealous.”

She also spoke about how proud she was about being part of the famed Trio.

“I have to honestly say that there are some things in your life that you pick out and think that is one of the greatest things that I was ever a part of,” she said.

“Linda Ronstadt, who’s unbelievably great, and Emmylou who’s spectacular and I’m just I just feel so proud to be part of that trio.”

Linda’s health has been in decline for several years and unfortunately, she’ll never be able to sing again.

She opened up to the program about how Parkinson’s is taking it’s toll on her life.

“There’s a lot of things I can’t do, I can still read, but it’s, sometimes hard to keep the book steady, that’s what I mostly do, I read and talk to people. I can’t walk very well, you know,” she said.

“From the minute I get up I have a hard time brushing my teeth, washing my hair, standing in the shower… I have a hard time standing or sitting, I can’t sit up straight in a chair like I can’t sit up at the table and eat.”

You might remember Linda’s big hit Blue Bayou in the ’70s?

Well, it turns out she’s critical of her biggest track.

“I never like to hear myself,” she said.

“Blue bayou is a hard song to sing as it’s too low and too high, at the same time you’ve got to pick out whether you’ve got to be too low or too high always picked out too low.”



The Trio of EmmyLou, Dolly and Linda came together in 1974 and recorded their first album in 1987 and another in 1999 – winning three Grammy’s and selling millions of albums along the way.

Like family, Dolly and EmmyLou have been supporting Linda since her health declined after their second album together.

“I knew something organic was wrong with my voice, I knew it wasn’t nerves, or, and I kept going to the doctor and he’d go, oh, I don’t see anything wrong with your vocal cords, must be in your mind, and I’m going, no, it’s not in my mind, I knew something was really major wrong,” Linda said.

“I listen to other people sing now… I can still sing in my mind.”

As their final project together, the Trio have released a digitally remastered album with some unreleased material from their original sessions.

What words of comfort would you offer Linda? Do you have friends like Dolly and EmmyLou supporting you?

  1. Dianne Evans  

    Good luck and friends who stick by are true friends.

    • marg  

      Friends like Dolly & Emilou are precious tells you everything about their special bond with each other.. wishing them well with the support for Rhonda..💙💙

    • marg  

      Friends like Dolly & Emilou are precious tells you everything about their special bond with each other.. wishing them well with the support for Rhonda..💙💙

  2. Kevin Lynch  

    Linda can be, and has every right to be, proud and satisfied with her life’s works. Her charitable donations (time and money) have helped many. Her bravery while in the face of this disabling disease has given many victims at least some degree of confidence; perhaps even solace in their plights. Some of my personal friends drew a boat-load of inspiration from her extensive TV interview on her situation.

    Linda’s gifted voice made — and still makes — a difference. Her contributions to the music world are far too many to list here. Most people could only dream of leaving such a legacy in the arts behind.

    I’ve heard people tell you at various backstages… and I know you’ve heard it a gazillion times… but…

    Thank you, Linda.

    PS: If you read this, please notice how I tried to avoid using comma’s — you once told me I use way too many! ;~)

  3. Carl Gann  

    Dolly was so right in her description of Linda’ s voice. It was achingly beautiful and full of strength and control, and it still gives me goosebumps. That those three are fast friends is no surprise to me. Magical voices, all three. Thank you, Linda for the sounds I cherish, and I only wish good things for you.

  4. Kim  

    Love u linda. I listen to u and aaron all the time. God

  5. teri demola  

    Linda Ronstadt’s voice is amazing. The woman sang every style possible. Everything from rock, country, folk, even light opera. God bless her .

  6. Lynda ente  

    In all honestly no one and I really mean no one can sing like Linda I listen to her range anf perfect pitch and I literally melt
    Thank you thank you Linda for all the joy and goosebumps you have given us
    PS I reallybloved you singing I never will.Mary with Johnny Cash a few years ago you were stunning and you still are keep the faith Linda li can only.imagine your daily challenges and font trust all the neurologists I was married to one can be very arrogant but mostly very asbergerish
    Lynda with a y

  7. Steven Anderson  

    I saw Linda Ronstadt in concert and have her book “Simple Dreams” signed by one of the most talented singer ever,her!
    In my mind I see YOU still performing and its a darn shame the way life is,keep the faith,thinking of YOU ALWAYS!!!

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