Did she or didn’t she put the knife in? And does it matter?

While the new boss of the Liberal party may insist this is no time for “revisionist politics”, the message does not seem

While the new boss of the Liberal party may insist this is no time for “revisionist politics”, the message does not seem to have reached the backbench, where some members are still stewing over the overthrowing of Tony Abbott.

As a result, Julie Bishop has been forced to spend the day defending herself against the thinly veiled suggestions she played a major role in Mr Abbott’s downfall, possibly even being the one to thrust in the knife.

Tasmanian MP Eric Abetz was the first the throw down the gauntlet, demanding to know why Ms Bishop’s Chief of Staff, Murray Hansen was at a drinks party at which the final plans were laid in place for Malcolm Turnbull to challenge the leadership, back in September.

“When I was a minister I would have never countenanced my chief of staff going to such a meeting without my imprimatur and approval,” Senator Abetz told Sky News.

“One would imagine that if there were such a meeting there might have been an obligation to, as a loyal deputy, to report that to the leader at the time.”

Ms Bishop did not tell Tony Abbott about the leadership challenge until the following morning.

Today, the foreign minister admitted that her CoS was at the event, saying, “He was there to meet with (Liberal MP) Peter Hendy. I did not know who would be attending the meeting and, of course, like all chiefs of staff, they feed back the information that they’ve learned.”

Barely containing her exasperation, Ms Bishop said in a brief media conference today that she informed the Prime Minister as soon as she possibly could.  “I met him within five minutes of his attendance here in Parliament House.”

Ms Bishop said repeatedly that it was her job as deputy leader to know what the party members were thinking and that it was therefore appropriate that her CoS be at the meeting.

While Mr Abetz insists the revelation is “disappointing” and MPs are “entitled to know exactly what was going on”, we’re wondering, in the great scheme of things, does it matter? If Julie Bishop did indeed play a role in bringing Tony Abbott’s leadership to a close, will it change anything? considering how unpopular the former PM was at the time of his departure, was Ms Bishop right or wrong to jump ship (if that’s what she did)”.

Labor deputy leader Tanya Plibersek has this to say about the situation: “Her own party are saying that she has questions to answer, that it’s plain that she was up to her neck in the bringing down of Tony Abbott. Julie Bishop has a very well-deserved reputation amongst her colleagues for being a survivor.”

Is it important to you to know the whole truth about the leadership spill or should we let bygones be bygones? 

  1. course she did, in it right up to her neck. karmas bus is coming for you bish the bitch

  2. Frankly I don’t care. It is enough to know that a thoroughly useless “captain” was deposed. Now we just need to get rid of the whole LNP gov’t 🙂

    • what and replace with a fool like shorten get rid of him and put albanese or bowen as leader and it will be a lot better

    • You are a joke Robert. he was the best we had and he was doing a good job of protecting this country and it’s people

    • Marlene Herbert My opinion Marlene! Just as valid as yours. Of course you can disagree with me but don’t get personal by calling me a joke – or what would you like me to call you?

    • totally agree with you Robert but lets these disgruntled Liberals whine, it gives us a laugh reading it 🙂 cheers mate

    • Don’t know Libbi Elliot but the way your name keeps popping up on these and over sixties pages . It seems more like you’re looking for articles to stick your two bobs worth in . Typical labor troll

    • not over 60’s pages Eddy Brink I only go to Starts at 60’s and I just as entitled to my opinion as you are, I am no troll, not is only is my account verified but many in here are friends of mine, I will always tell the truth and if you don’t like it too bad 🙂

    • oh and one other thing you might want to think on Eddy Brink, we did not boot Abbott out nor did any ALP or Greens voter vote for Abbott, Turnbull or Bishop and mate we don’t give a rats arse if you all kill each other so stop whinging to us

    • haha Eddy brink your over 60 , and silly enough to attack woman, you are a fool and Libbi is right

    • Eddy, I don’t know what comments you’ve been reading but I find comments that Libbi makes are always either full of humour or supportive of people, or just voicing her opinion about a topic that is up for discussion, just like all of us do on here, we may not always agree with everything each other say but that does not give you or anyone else on here the right to call people names just because they disagree with you, I always thought people of our age would have more maturity than what you have shown.

    • Eddy Brink unlike you Libbi Elliot and many of us here comment on all posts SAS put out , you only come in here to shinge on the Politcal posts when others do not agree with you..grow up

    • Eddy Brink .. Libbi has as much right as you to ” stick her two bob’s worth in”. Unlike yours her comments are always intelligent & well thought out.

  3. Couldn’t care less if she did or did not, the important thing for me is that he’s gone 😃

    • What future Sandra…more 457 visa nore jobs moved overaeas mor unemployment more big business ripping off the tax system …idont see much of a future myself and i worry about .the future of my grandchildren

  4. She is a very smart lady, also classy. How about we stop putting everyone down in public, stop being negative all the time. It only makes for a grumpy person. Christmas is coming, lets have some cheery news.

    • I prefer to call that cunning, nothing classy about her, unless you mean she is a classy dresser. We pay for her wardrobe allowance.

    • I did mean classy as in speaking in public, conducting herself well, not being drawn into media questions which are usually unthought provacations by the reporter. Whether we pay for her wardrobe or not she chooses her attire nicely. All the money in the world doesn`t make you dress with style.

    • to sugar sweet and there is nothing sugar or sweet about her, she did not get where she is by being nice. Never forget Bernie Bantram and the asbestos victims she screwed over

    • Sorry Debbie, but they have their own stylist just as Julia Gillard did, do you not remember the improvement in her style!

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