Citizenship debate makes sparks between Waleed Aly and Steve Price

The argument over Australian citizenship continues on.

The Federal Government’s changes to the Australian Citizenship rules was always going to cause controversy.  There are people that think that the changes are nothing more than a political move, while others believe the government is trying to positively change the calibre of people that call Australia home.

The chances that a member from each side of the debate co-host Network Ten’s The Project are pretty high when it comes to Waleed Aly and Steve Price.  Both men never shy away from saying what they think, and both did just that over the citizenship changes.

One one side, Waleed believes that the changes are a sign that the Turnbull government is in trouble and are flag waving to get support behind them. Waleed asked Price, “Malcolm Turnbull is in political trouble now, and he pulls the same sort of reign now. Don’t you think people will see through the really transparent politics of this?”

Price believes that the changes are good for Australia and took umbrage with Waleed’s stance.  Price said what the government was doing was “reinstating what it means to be Australian.” He added, “It is saying if you are going to become an Australian citizen you have to live here for four years before you apply. We are going to do tougher background checks on people, which to me would make a lot of sense.”

Price then added, “Why wouldn’t you check if someone has been a fraudster or someone’s been involved in a domestic violence incident overseas or here, indeed, before inviting them becoming a citizen?” To which Waleed responded, “I guess the problem is people will take this as a message that these are problems that exist only in migrant communities and its immigrants that bring these problems to us”.

Waleed compared the move by the Turnbull Government to the drastic changes that the John Howard Government proposed in the lead up to their defeat in the 2007 election. When Price said he didn’t think this was the case, Waleed said, “It means in 2006-07 when he was in political trouble he specifically started talking about citizenship tests, they announced it in about four different press releases – I remember this really, really clearly – it was this big thing about Australian values and migrants and integration, and it was politics, and the Australian electorate saw through it, and he went out of office.”

Price reiterated that he didn’t have a problem with the changes.

Is this outrage for the reason of being outraged? Do you think that the Turnbull Government is doing this for political reasons?

  1. Jeff Fletcher  

    Definitely for political reasons, they are so much in trouble it must also be time for a terror alert as well.

    • Yes they are in trouble and they know it .. well let’s try to appease the public .. how ?? Oh yeah immigration .. what else ? Housing .. oh ok we will think of something .. that doesn’t affect all of the pollies who own several homes .. horrible horrible govt. people will just lie on their application..

  2. Who cares what his reason, at least it is what most of the silent majority want. But I guess this is another topic for the Australian hating lefties to jump all over

    • Bruce Taylor(  

      Neil, I consider myself and my friends and aquaintences to be part of the silent majority. I am 70 years old and Australian by birth so you can imagine that I therefore have a rather large circle.
      Not one of these agrees with changing the requirements in this manner. The one thing we would all endorse is that if you come here then break the law you are immediately returned to your country of origin whether you have taken out Australian citizenship or not.

    • John  

      What a croc. The reason the right is in trouble is their incompetence and everyone can see it. Every time their bad in the polls out comes the national security card. Its pathetic. Little Johnny did it, Tones did it and now the puppet is doing it. I suppose thats all their got now they don’t have the illusion of good economic managers anymore. Trashed the economy, trashed the country. For you righties I’ll give some examples. Gdp is low. Dollar is low, unemployment is high and the national debt is at its highest and its all this incompetent governments fault!

  3. Friedrich  

    I agree, who cares if it is political, he is a politician isn’t he. He knows that genuine Aussies will agree with his move because it is the right move. Lefty media let him govern for Goodness sake. Concentrate on broadcasting honest reports or is that not your agenda???

  4. A graham  

    Whether the government is in trouble or not is frankly immaterial the changes to the immigration rules are necessary if we are to retain our Autralianness. If people want to come and live here they should leave their baggage behind along with the reasons why they are fleeing from their homelands. They are making a fresh start in a new country so off with the old and on with the new. Accept our way of life, become one of us and enjoy your new life. Do not try and change us to fit in with what you left behind. Yes they should be able to speak colloquial English how else will they be able to find work.
    As to Mr Abbott and his big mouth…..he’s a very irritating man and a sore loser. He needs to shut up and accept his defeat gracefully.

    • Richard Milligan, Bundaberg  

      Australianess?? what is this please, explain. According to the latest census release a typical Australian is 52% female, 35yrs old, born here & not necessarily to Australian parents, & speaks another language other than English.

    • Barb  

      Thank you! You took the words straight out of my mouth.

  5. Wick  

    Entirely political, when they are in trouble, blame someone, point the finger, find a scapegoat, and appeal to the absolute lowest, dumbest common denominator. Worked for Trump.

    • Sandy Balfour  

      His rhetoric is the same as Trump. Should be spending time and money on fixing domestic problems instead of blaming immigrants for everything. LNP are so obvious.

    • Dianne Cooper  

      This is what almost all Australians want.wake up .

  6. Cloin Oldham  

    As John Howard said years ago. WE are the ones who decide who comes to live in Australia. NO one else.

  7. Lidia  

    Who was the ones that came to Australia many years ago it was convicts,and who is the ones that abuse women and children Australian born and immigrants so the Australian born where are you going to send them the immigrants can go back to their country so Turnbull it’s a bad idea

    • Christine Owens  

      It was those convicts who helped build this wonderful country, they didn’t get handouts, they worked bloody hard!

  8. Yvonnne Hudacek  

    “history is not remembered, we are bound to repeat it.” Wise words all those years ago.

  9. Robert connell  

    yes, its definitly a win for Pauline, but why is Wally the Wanker getting air time and publicity for saying it.

    • John  

      Wally is lucky he lives in Australia ,were free speech is our right ,I believe it is the correct way to go well spokenSteave Price

    • John  

      Wally is lucky he lives in Australia ,were free speech is our right ,I believe it is the correct way to go well spoken S Price .

  10. Therese  

    Howard lost over workplace choice not immigration. I have always held the belief that our immigration regulations need to be tightened. The test should be given on entry and prior to residency not prior to citizenship – otherwise we have had unworthy people here for four years and it is very hard to gey rid of anyone particularly if they have had children. Vet them before entry

    • Name withheld  

      Well said Therese, thoroughly agree

    • Lynda millado hesling  

      I ABSOLUTELY AGREE, I am a migrant and I still believe the Government should tighten its migration law. In America, they require 7 years before you can apply for citizenship, and the process will take another few years, in Australia whom I call now home more than my birth country it’s too easy.

  11. Joy Anne Bourke  

    Definitely for Political reasons. Trying to claw back votes and people will see this and throw him out and not vote for this idiot. Turnbull is only doing this to try and damage Pauline also as she is becoming more popular.

  12. John  

    Sally is very lucky he lives in Australia were free speech is our right .S Price well spoken .

    • Guy Flavell  

      “Sally” is the strange name of that bloke recently made the boss of the ACTU.
      You know, the dingbat who reckons our laws are fair game to be broken.

    • Know-all Wally appears to be against everything Austalian.

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