Things go from bad to worse for Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott hasn’t shied away from the spotlight since being ousted as Prime Minister in September last year, but this

Tony Abbott hasn’t shied away from the spotlight since being ousted as Prime Minister in September last year, but this new round of attention is something he would surely rather avoid.

A new book titled The Road to Ruin, written by political commentator and author Niki Savva, has opened the floodgates on claims the former PM and his Chief-of-staff Peta Credlin were having an affair.

The books describes in detail a number of occasions where Mr Abbott and Ms Credlin’s interactions raised eyebrows among other staffers and caused some to question the boundaries of their relationship.

In an excerpt of the book published in The Australian, Savva tells about Ms Credlin feeding Mr Abbott food from her fork while they were out to dinner at a restaurant in Melbourne and resting her head on his shoulder at the end of the night.

The book has been met with mixed reactions, with some people questioning why the pair’s personal lives need to be made public and discussed by the entire country.

Others have lambasted the former PM and Ms Credlin and addressed other issues in the book, which point out the numerous times Mr Abbott was warned his working relationship with Ms Credlin was damaging his reputation with other party members.

The affair claims come off the back of a tough week for Mr Abbott who has faced criticism over his comments on the Defence white paper and an essay he published titled, ‘The Economic Case for the Abbott Government’, which essentially tried to defend his disastrous 2014 budget.

Yesterday,  Malcolm Turnbull publicly scolded Mr Abbott over his comments on the Defence white paper, implying that Mr Abbott should be careful of what he says as the PM would not hesitate in correcting him openly and publicly.

At this point in his political career, any chiding from the PM can only add to the damage that has already tarnished his reputation.

Although Mr Abbott seems to be living in the eye of the storm lately, he is not the first ousted PM to suffer.

Kevin Rudd faced spectacular backlash during his time as a demoted backbencher in the Labor party and faced similar claims of intentional backstabbing and document leaks before rising to claim back his prime ministership from Julia Gillard.

All that’s left to do now is wait and see how Mr Abbott decides to play the rest of the game.

What do you think about the affair claims in the new book? Do you think Tony Abbott is trying to cause trouble for the government? Could Tony Abbott make a comeback like Kevin Rudd and become PM again?

  1. veronica cheeseman  

    I knew it! That relationship was always a question mark……he won’t be back!

    • Lesley Casey  

      I agree I always thought something stank in Denmark as he would always defend her even when she was wrong.The smirky looks I have seen him do to her.She hasn’t got any taste Tony Abbott YUK.

  2. M .Leitch  

    I wouldn’t put anything passed this man and nothing would surprise

  3. Shirley  

    No never had any time for tiny Abbottynder his rule we nurses and patients suffered tremendously and he was always self obsessed with his body image wouldn’t surprise me if he was having an affair, he never was to be trusted.

  4. Anyway with a brain must have figured that out for themselves the body language was pretty clear….

    • Susan Page  

      Totally agree and even without the”feeding him from her fork” claims women can see the signs. I saw that wink she gave him while practically sitting on his knee in the back of a car. That was a “I bonked you recently” wink.

  5. Peter Rothall  

    She is evil and damaged a lot of good MP’s. Tony needs to grow up and move on. It will be the death of the Liberal / National party if he came back. Shame on anyone who tries to reinstall him as PM.

  6. The affair thing is undoubtedly true. A friend of mine worked as a PA and knew it was going on. He is two faced, touting his wife and family in public, claiming Christianity, all the rest of it. He has proved to be a liar. I would not trust Tony Abbott at all!

  7. Tony  

    As a labor voter : Please bring the bastard back.

  8. roy bridges  

    Just someone trying to make money out of selling a book , this is about self interest need a story to sell book.
    What about some proof not just hearsay . Lot of rubbish !

    • Justin  

      Roy, Where there is smoke there is fire. Tony Abbot is a liar and has admitted as much. “Don’t believe anything I say unless it is in writing”

  9. Grace Brice  

    The only reason for their affair being any of my business is that he has been, and still appears to want to be, the Prime Minister of this country. Anyone in such a position must be open and above board re everything about their lives so that the office of PM is never open to pressure from unscrupulous people.

    • Sue cassell  

      Yes if he is a hypocrite about this then his credibility is questionable in every area. He is so arrogant that his rat cunning has deserted his ship.

    • Sue cassell  

      Yes if he is a hypocrite about this then his credibility is questionable in every area. He is so arrogant that his rat cunning has deserted his ship.

  10. E steed  

    Liberal party how low can you go and sixty minutes you need to be ashamed anything for a story he was kicked in the teeth by his so called friends now they stoop even lower I did not like him as a prime mi.nister but to pull apart his family you are no better than any other party will we ever get a honest government not in my lifetime

    • zen  

      He has been totally incompetent as a PM and totally incompetent as a statesman , now he seams not to have any control over his mouth, what ever is being said about him ,he has brought it on him self and still hasn’t learned .

  11. The current PM is a treacherous piece of leftist garbage! I’d suggest any chiding from Turncoat would be a badge of honour or taken with the derision deserving anything out of his mouth!

    • fred browning  

      anthony broome …umm evryone else thinks abbott is right wing fascist scum. their days in gvt are numbered my friend

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