Toilet horror stories from the Travel at 60 community

Toilet horror stories from the Travel at 60 community

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From confusing squat toilets, to outhouses that have become home to the native wildlife, there are some interesting toilets around the world, and those interesting toilets make for some even more interesting stories. We reached out to the Travel at 60 community on Facebook and asked them to share what their most cringe-worthy travel toilet stories are. These are some of the people who were game enough to share them.

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1. You can take this one to the bank

“Many years ago in Wewak, Papua New Guinea, a local patrol officer wrote to the bank asking for a replacement bank book. The reason, he had come home intoxicated used the long drop and his wallet and bank book fell in! In his letter he stated he had climbed in and looked for it but had no luck. (He did find his wallet). Needless to say the bank officers were very glad he didn’t find it. True story, my ex was working in this bank. 
Moral: Don’t put your bank book/wallet in your back pocket when in the bush.” – Lisa

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2. The picture perfect stop

“A tour operator told me of a roadside photo stop. A passenger asked how go toilet in broken English. He handed him paper and a small shovel. 10 mins later the passenger came back with a confused look on his face and his poop on the shovel.” – Kaye

3. Absolutely flushed

“Not horror stories as such but a self-flushing toilet at an overseas airport was much too enthusiastic. The tapless sink too in the same facility fired water into the sink with great force. I was lucky as I saw the mishap befall another first and stood back when I waved my hands under the sensor. I was splashed slightly but not drenched.” – Barbara

4. Serious turbulence

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“A friend was sitting on a plane loo, when turbulence threw her out the door into the aisle!” – Linda

5. Unwanted visitor


“I have a phobia to frogs and while at a party in Ipswich, Queensland, I ventured out to use the toilet. As I flushed, out jumped this frog. Never ever do I not flush before sitting now.” – Shirley

6. Caught in the act

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“Hubby’s first overseas flight. Stumbled to the toilet, pushed the door open and inside was a young female with knickers down around her ankles doing a seat squat. Hubby almost passed out and wouldn’t move for the rest of the flight.” – Flane

7. Keep it clean

“Some public loos have a pipe across the roof that sprays showers of water between customers, to keep the cubicle clean…..well…it malfunctioned and drenched me. Screams!!!!” – Libby

8. Campsite secrets

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“Up in the jungles of Kalimantan, Borneo, and a few hours into a 12-hour taxi ride along dirt road between towns, I just had to go. Cause I was prepared I did have a roll of paper. It wasn’t until I’d finished I realised I’d done the deed in someone’s camp site!” –  Greg

9. Late night treat

“Got locked in a McDonald’s loo in Prague at 1am. I couldn’t unlock the door and the lady couldn’t hear my calls for help. It was 35 minutes before someone else came in and rescued me!” – Trish

Do you have any more toilet horror stories to add? Share yours with us in the comments section below.

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