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Have you always wanted your own herb garden but just don’t have the space for it?

That’s when herb gardens come into play. They not only save you space but also let you position your herbs in the best area depending on the amount of sun you need.

To start a herb garden, you’ll need a site that gets at least six to eight hours of sunlight each day as most herbs need lots of sunshine to grow and to reach their full potential. Herbs which don’t receive their minimum daily allowance of sunlight, will not end up lush, beautiful, and useful.

But forget about buying those fancy vertical gardens, the solution may have been lying around your house all this while – shower caddies or hanging shoe pockets!

For shower caddies, all you need to do is line the baskets with felt, fill them with soil and start planting! This is also great for succulents.

If you prefer to use a hanging shoe pockets, simply make a hole at the bottom of each pocket to allow excess water to flow out and then fill with soil and start planting your herbs. Too easy!


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