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Every news channel is flooded with the story that backbenchers are deserting Tony Abbott and that a leadership spill or action is expected within days. The ugly ugly world of politics is again rearing its head in our country 17 months after he gained power by winning a majority in the House of Representatives but having to cope with a senate where it is in the minority following a tumultuous period under the Labor party.

Our whole country is naval gazing on politics and popularity and no one is focussing on leadership and change that will support our country’s growth.  After the previous political term where politics were clearly more important than progress, surely we should have learned.

But no, we are judging the current Prime Minister as harshly as we have judged his predecessors in other parties, with his popularity rating according to galaxy sitting at just 27%, an unrecoverable level according to most popular media.

So we thought it timely to look at what the public is making this decision based on… and debate whether these points are as important as everyone is making out? Important enough to OUST a Prime Minister mid-term?

I personally think our country is making a terrible spectacle of itself through it’s inability to see past the cosmetic items of politics down to the real issues – perhaps this is the real issue.

Let’s have a healthy debate, politics aside about whether this reality TV process of Government, Labor or Liberal that throws out Prime Ministers based on popularity is really how we want our country run. Can we really keep saying, every 18 months “You are the weakest link…goodbye?”

So, looking at it objectively, there are a few big reasons most people quote for disliking Tony Abbott:

  • His decision to award a knighthood to Prince Phillip on Australia Day, clearly well-intentioned in his mind, but odd in most other peoples’.
  • His foot in mouth disease. He has a surprising ability to accidentally say the wrong thing at the wrong time leaving us wonder to the quality of script writers and expert advisers around him. But let’s face it – that just makes him human. We all put our feet in our mouths at times.
  • His budgie smugglers. We have to love a man who can proudly strut down Bondi Beach in his undies, don’t we? Some don’t it appears.
  • His wink. That terrible wink that makes him both human and mildly creepy at the same time.
  • His public speaking skills. The umms and arrrs that smatter his speeches are not the best for building public confidence… but are they all that bad?
  • His first fleet comments that showed a clearly white Australia view in a multicultural era.
  • Then let’s get to the big one… Whether you support the LNP or not, you might have found yourself disappointed at the flip flopping of policy this year as the minority government has fought to walk the line between policy that reduces our budget and policy that will get through parliament.
    1. The Medicare $7 co-payment which was on then off then on then off then backdoored.
    2. The Government announcing and then ditching the university overhaul.
    3. The Government promising not to cut the ABC then doing so.
    4. And this week, his announcement to scrap the paid parental platform that the LNP ran for election on.

Policy errors of judgement are no doubt a big challenge for the last two Governments in Australia, but there is no doubting that they are always a problem, especially in a minority governing environment. If you look at the long list of mistakes, misstatements and missteps that Obama is quoted for you’d be loathe to compare them with this feeble list of seemingly cosmetic failings for which we are judging our Prime Minister, no matter which political party you support – because frankly it happened to Labor before it started in the Liberals.

So which of these are really influencing your dislike to Tony Abbott?  And is it honestly enough to OUST him or are we being unfair as a country? Share your thoughts today!  

Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca Wilson is the founder and publisher of Starts at Sixty. The daughter of two baby boomers, she has built the online community for over 60s by listening carefully to the issues and seeking out answers, insights and information for over 60s throughout Australia. Rebecca is an experienced marketer, a trained journalist and has a degree in politics. A mother of 3, she passionately facilitates and leads our over 60s community, bringing the community opinions, needs and interests to the fore and making Starts at Sixty a fun place to be.

  1. Ditto, pathological liar ,, ” what he does speaks so loudly , can,t hear what he says anymore

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    • Rudd was in the same league ad Abbott now (what a paradox!) but I had no qualms with Gillard like the media did. She wasn’t perfect (neither was Howard), but much better than these egotistic men in my opinion.

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  2. Not just Abbot but Hicky, Pyne etc… All have to go!

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    • All labour big wigs too time to say enough is enough… Who do we have that can appease every one.. Not even God him self would bother with most of them.

    • Yes let’s have Shortass, Fatty, & Lampost, running Australia they’ll do a wonderful job…
      Note to self…learn not to argue with idiots from planet stupid..they drag you down to their level and beat you with experience…sigh..

    • A person who doesn’t want to argue means they don’t even want to acknowledge another person’s point of view. It is called Tunnel Vision….and we know one person who suffers from this for sure.

    • I worked for the Libs and met TA several times. I did not think he was PM material then and I don’t now. Remember TA ousted out Malcolm Turnbull, which has been conveniently forgotten. I hope Malcolm now returns the compliment. I also hope Julia is beside herself with laughter.

    • I blocked Francis Clark because she is rude to others..she needs to read the post on respect and Judy Warren your just as bad for agreeing with her

    • I wonder if the back benches would be talking about ousting Tony Abbott if the liberals did good in the Queensland elections talk about abandoning a sinking ship

    • I blocked Francis Clark, she is just a rude woman..I suppose she is giving her note to herself speech again, she ought to make a note that to give a decent argument without name calling takes intelligence..something she has little of and the same applies to you Judy Warren

    • You are so right Judit ! all of them are rubbish

  3. He broke promises and this was his mantra for wanting the previous government to go, broken promises so it seems very hypocritical of him.also he had upset Rupert Murdoch and has not received good press

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    • The person who recieved lousy press was Julia Gillard he has recieved goid press from rupert up untik recent times and i would say that has been caused by his inability or reluctance to negotiate with the senate and get most of his budget through the senate …..but for tony it is simply easier to blame the labour party even though there are a number of independants who could be wooed and won and thus deluver his budget.

    • The reason he was elected is because of Rupert Murdoch. He made sure his media outlets did a hatchet job on the Labor Party. Now I’m not saying they were perfect in any way shape or form but once someone wields so much power via media we as ordinary thinking people have lost.

  4. Yes he has to go I am a liberal voter but he has to go.

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    • He was elected by the people and the people have to do it!

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      • Margaret, we did not vote for Tony Abbott (unless you are in his electorate) you vote for a Local Member of whichever party you choose, the winning party chooses the leader.

    • Margaret Becker he was not elected by the people he was selected by the Libs, we don’t get a say in who is the leader of any party.

    • I was a liberal voter , I will not vote LABOUR ever I will not vote greens for they are labour, I will not vote palmer either… So now what….. Get fined for not voting or put in a blank vote…. Agree Abbot got to go… I don’t know if he deliberately broke promises or whether the opposition didn’t block everything.. But yes you can’t upset Rupert as he calls the shots really in this country and you are blind if you don’t see

    • Exactly Trish Daley … That’s how the parties work… They elect their own leader… But the people don’t like him. Won’t matter who leads the party in power. The people won’t like them unless they getting something …look at jay Weatherall in south Australia closed down complete functional hospital the repatriation hospt. For return soldiers… Best hospital in south Australia. Best service , cleanest, most professional. Shut the the dog he is… Then closed the emergency services from noarlunga hospital only functional hospital in the south of Adelaide for emergencies. And also closed emergencies in the QEH . major hospital in Adelaide… … Then I’m guessing a lot of other hospitals and schools will shut down too if they stay in power… So it not just Abbot that makes and breaks.

    • I will all ways vote liberal not for any other party auctually none of them need voting for

  5. I really think we are majoring in minors. When we see on the news that the Jordanian pilot was roasted alive in a cage by ISIS, does the fact that our Prime minister wears Speedos or gave a knighthood to Prince really matter? I sincerely hope that the media could find it in themselves to talk up some positivity about our living in Australia and the fact that we can elect and throw out governments without being punished in such heinous ways. Sorry, but this is my opinion.

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    • Good on you mine too I think we have bred the biggest pack of spoilt BRATS IN HISTORY (GIVE ME GIVE ME)

    • Agree! Don’t understand how so many people can be so selfish, think only of themselves, not what is good for Australia. The media hype is making the situation worse!

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    • One of the biggest problems is we are governed by the media!!! They avidly wait for anything they can use to make a sensational story whether it is true or not.

    • It is dreadful what is happening in some countries, but alas we are powerless to do much about it since we don’t govern other countries. However, at the moment OUR government seems to be in total tatters, so it’s only natural that the media are covering it, and this includes all of us on Face Book, Twitter etc. Gone are the days when governments could cover things up. The Liberals, alas, have tried this method by not keeping the people informed and, unfortunately TA has not even counselled his own cabinet on matters, so if he falls on his own sword then he can hardly blame the media.

    • We are totally powerless to change what happens in other countries. Yes it’s horrifying that those things are happening but we can do nothing. We can do something in our own country.

    • Agree with all your comments but are we all so perfect that we don’t make mistakes when we talk think of the mess he took over from the previous government and what he has achieved the media are just waiting for a foot in mouth moment and then we never hear the end of it

    • Where did we get them, john Howard for whom I have a lot of respect, introduced the baby bonus vote getter and steadily increased family benefits every budget thereafter. Now we have a generation of parents expecting to be paid to have babes and for their childcare.

    • So true Morvyth, when you think what he took over as Prime Minister from the previous government and what he has done since – stopped the boats, the media are after him, cannot believe that in our country you elect someone as a Prime Minister for a term and they can challenge him before he has run the full term, it would not happen in USA or England. And he has done it with a hostile senate no support from the likes of Palmer, Lambie and the rest of the riff raff in the senate. He has saved us saved us tax payers $12 billion which the labour/left/greens could not even attempt.

    • The media have rights and liberties they should never be afforded, they have the right to opinion etc but they should never have the right to influence politics in such a way. People are fickled they vote one way today and then tomorrow complain and want to throw them out it takes time and patience to turn a BIG ship even three years is not enough time to repair the mess that was left and when did it become about popularity for goodness sakes. A good leader is NEVER popular because he has to make unpopular decisions …did we not learn from the popular Kevin 07 and Julia ? Their popularity brought destruction and left us with a huge debt! Popularity is not a job description or requirement of a Prime Minister.

  6. His Policy Speech was terrific. He needs to do that more often if the biased media would perhaps let him. Sadly he hasn’t stopped funding the ABC & I wish he would. No matter who is the LNP PM, it would be the same. All you hear is nit picking & absolutely no ideas from Labor as to how they would fix anything. It’s about time our Politicians started doing the job they are being paid to do & stopped playing political games.

    4 REPLY
    • In my opinion his speech was nothing but a mixture of evasions,denials, delusions and outdated campaign slogans.

    • He is yet to face a biased media his problems are all of his own making …..he could have passed his budget six months ago if he had negotiated with the independants instead of rubbishing them …the word is ARROGANCE

  7. This misses the point. Although some of the points are reasons to reject TA’s prime ministership, the most important reasons are the inhuman treatment of refugees whether genuine or not, the unfair targeting of those that can least afford it in the budget, his failure to see this & his unrelenting attempts to get those measures passed until most of the country had repeatedly rejected them. The very fact that members of his own party are now calling for him to go should surely show we’ve had enough of him. We can only hope that whoever replaces does not repeat the same mistakes!

    10 REPLY
    • We have to stop the refugees…. We do not have the funds for them nor the water, hospitals,schools, housing…. China owns us and is calling in the loans or they taking real estate. Wake up…can’t you see we are loosing our grip… We loosing our freedom loosing our country because the elite don’t want us to be in control of our own lives… UK has fallen USA is loosing their battle… Don’t be blinded… Free things all come at a cost…

    • rudd put them on manus and got png to take them NOW ABBOTT IS BLAMED FOR THE LOT are you mad or just blinded by your pollitics

    • Here here Bruce. And they would just be the start of his nastiness on the poor in this country,

    • I cannot defend the ALP’s treatment of refugees, but the Liberals under Scott Morrison have taken their treatment to a new, more degrading level. Now this fixer has welfare recipients in his sights – heaven help all of them, genuine or not. And he is being talked about as one potential candidate to replace Abbott. Under that scenario, all Australians are likely to suffer even more.

      1 REPLY
    • Bruce that is 3 members out of 102 and probably one of those is an advocate for gay marriage and has his own agenda obviously that member is in the wrong party.

    • Hey Bruce these so called refugees are being looked after better than our own poor and needy people you have had your 5mins of glory wake up and look around you , If they were genuine asylum seekers they should have come into the country under the proper channels or are you one of those that has one rule for some and another for the rest .. you are ready to condemn the present government for stopping the boats what was he suppose to do let them come in here until there was none left in their own country . The labour Government did this to Australia and now there is a lot of people out there with very short memories who feel it is Tony Abbots fault .What the hell .You are one person who ever is in government you will be against go and join the refugees as they are against everything as well

    • The ALP played with the lives of Assylum seekers to get votes. We do have a conventional Refugee program in place where people can apply but unfortunately these people in their desperation force themselves upon us. How long do you think as a nation in debt we could sustain welfare payments to all these people flooding the borders? And before you attack me think, because it is not logically possible to continue to let people put their lives at risk nor can we financially sustain them with our welfare system bursting at the seams. It actually breaks my heart to see parents risking their children’s lives let alone the ones who didn’t make it! We tried letting them come …..thousands died!! We were called inhuman, we stopped them from risking their lives we are still inhuman!!! and yet there are millions in refugee camps waiting to be assessed. It seems to me you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t!

  8. Tony Abbott Inc, runs the country like profit making corporation, no
    Social policy, the CEO of Westpac retires with a 13 million dollar take pay, and Sir Tony is cutting our armed forces pay, you do the sums…..the worst
    Gov this country has ever had in a life time….Qsld elect , 1 down, 1 to go….

    3 REPLY
  9. The two major parties in Australian politics are both in complete shambles. If only a true leader would emerge and govern the country for the people without lining their pockets and indulging in huge corruption. Well, one can dream.

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    • i wish there was a “Like” button on this site.

    • Abbott is trying to get things back on track but when you have to deal with ‘self interest’ and handouts to me me me mentality and blocked in the senate by dill brains what do you expect him to do. If you think you can do a better job then show us how its done. When you get into politics you may find its not as easy as everyone seems to think it is!!

  10. Thankyou for your article at last someone willing to ask the right questions. Neither party was able affect any change because we, the public, made it into a popularity contest. Politics cannot be all things to all men, not all of us will be happy with decisions made but we are where we are today because of that very system we deride. It is the vehicle we have chosen to decide where we go as a country. Perhaps it’s time to start putting positive suggestions out there instead of criticism. It is so easy to pull down and ridicule our pollies. Australians are supposedly know for “giving a fair go” maybe it is time to start showing that to the world around us. Thanks.

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