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Yesterday, Clive Palmer was being interviewed at the National Press Club after giving an address and he absolutely lost it at a journalist – he insulted him personally, he insulted his career, he insulted the publication he works for and he looked nothing short of rude… Watch the video below to see for yourself.

The thing is that in doing this, Palmer showed us all just what is wrong with politicians these days. Their lack of etiquette, their lack of compassion and their lack of basic manners. Why do we as a country vote these people in when they are so far removed the societal role models their role typically stipulates they be?

Steven Scott was quite brutally attacked last night – before even having the chance to finish his question. He fired off rude remarks like, “Have some guts to [stand up to] Rupert [Murdoch], don’t do what he tells you from New York.”

“Stand up and be a journalist. Don’t read off that, think of your own brain and think of a question”.

“You want a promotion from Rupert,” Mr Palmer told Scott. “I’m not going to take rubbish from you, mate”.

“You haven’t got the guts to ask a question on the topic, because it’s beyond your intellectual capacity. Why don’t you admit it?” Mr Palmer retorted.

Scott appeared to be not asking anything directly about Palmer’s current court case and instead was just asking about the use of the money should he be be found not guilty of his Chinese business partners’ accusations.

It toes the line, but at the end of the day, I’m disappointed in Australia, that we let people like this rule our politics. We are (myself included) self serving when we make our election choices rather than looking to real people with real integrity, real skills and real honesty… I think when it comes to vote next time, instead of asking, “what will that party do for me?” I will ask, “who is the person and party I trust most with Australia” so we can avoid having people displaying this kind of behaviour and getting anywhere.

Tell us today, do you think Palmer’s reaction was inappropriate? Do you think we need to reconsider the values of ourselves as a nation and start reflecting those in our political decisions more often? Share your thoughts in the comments below… 


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  1. Terrible man-I have got no idea how he got voted in!!

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    • wrong… he got in on Liberal preferences and gave his preference to the Liberals.. where you ignorant people get your facts from? the toilet?

    • An ABC analysis of the 2013 federal election result showed PUP’s preferences going 53.7 per cent to the coalition. Clive is a Liberal he has paid huge donations to the Coalition for years and his wife donated to them at the last election

    • Idiot or not ( I didn’t vote for him) he gives all of his parliamentary pay away to charities and others in his local area. Don’t see too many pollies doing that…and many of them have personal wealth.

    • But for once he was speaking the truth about Rupert and until the court case is finished Clive should be keeping his mouth shut about it… When it’s all over then they can question him…why can’t the reporters just wait and have a bit of patience….

  2. Unfortunately, the standards of journalism are so low that you cannot but help having sympathy for Clive Palmer. He has the guts to stand up and call a spade a spade.

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  3. He is a Baboon and needs to be gotten rid of as soon as possible.
    When he is asked any question that doesn’t suit him he either runs away from the interview or he attacks with lowly insults. The saying they either take flight or fight, he does both. The man has no integrity and has no right to be in politics. He would far better at being a clown in the circus and a big fat one at that!!!

  4. Elo dair at least clive talks the truth i will always get you in trouble some chose to live in yuppy fantasy land stop an think about the big picture

  5. Don’t necessarily think Palmer was right. However, they keep on at Palmer about this chinese money business and if I were him I would be telling them where to go. You don’t see any of the Murdoch press asking Abbott or hockey about their shady back room deals or putting dirt on them to deliberately to black mark them.
    Journalist have lost their sense of adventure and respect. They just want to sell newspapers through gutter journalism.
    I have heard politicans and others say on many occasions, don’t ask me about things that don’t affect my role in my job. But the media ignore their requests and keep digging into their private lives.

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  6. People have woken up to Clive, he promised a lot then agreed with Abbott and passed budget measures, that many consider should not have been passed. I doubt very much that he will even keep his own seat in the next Federal election. As for the journo’s..well the Murdoch press are such nice people..said no one EVER

  7. Elo dair yep the trurh always gets ya in trouble when dealing with yuppy iunscrupioules people who are lead buy so many untruths just to make money it sickens me as an Australian an very proud of our country

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