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This fantastic home remedy is a particular favourite among the Starts at 60 community. It can adapt to almost any need – greasy ovens, kitchen benches, glass surfaces and tiles – without leaving behind unsightly streaking.

It’s chemical-free, making it great for households with children. Best of all, it will set you back less than a dollar!

All you need is…

  • Water
  • White vinegar (don’t be too put off by the smell – it will disappear after just a few minutes)
  • Eucalyptus oil (though this can be substituted for tea tree oil if you’re not a fan of the smell)
  • A clean empty spray bottle.


  1. Fill water into the spray bottle half way
  2. Fill remaining half with white vinegar
  3. Add 10mls of oil.


Have you tried this before? Do you have an alternative home remedy for multipurpose cleaning? Share your tips in the comments below!

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  1. Vinegar has never worked for me! Sorry folks. Eucalyptus oil I swear by. Will remove anything. I have always washed my home floors with boiling water and about 10 drops of eucalyptus oil. Removes marks, my home is disinfected and deters ants and smells so clean.

  2. I am surprised Daniece. I have been using this for ages but I add a few drops of methylated spirits, especially for glass cleaning.. White vinegar and bicarb soda for stain removal, pet odours in fabric/carpet, cleaning stainless steel, shower screens, stopping colours run in laundry. White vinegar in the rinse water for new towels that are not absorbent fixes that problem.

  3. White vinegar is a great substitute for rinse aid in the dishwasher + is heaps cheaper.
    Bi- carb & bleach to clean toilets
    Hot water, washing up liquid & a little bleach to soak, disinfect & cleanse household cloths & Even works with chux & coles own makes ! Cleans the sink or basin at the same time.
    Love eucalyptus oil & often put a capful in with the washing – but @ $27.00 for 500ml. it’s certainly not cheap – so not sure about using it on the floors, although would love to try it out.
    AND, don’t get me started on the price of Lavender Oil !!
    Am I buying these products from the wrong outlets? Does anyone know of a cheap supplier – especially in Perth – Please don’t say Aldi – we’re not lucky enough to have them here yet.

  4. 70% vinegar, 30% dish washing liquid cleans everything. Bathroom is like new. I know hundreds of people on another Australian site that swear by it. You can add eucalyptus oil but not really necessary.

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    • No you don’t Marie. I used 50/50 of the vinegar and dishwashing liquid which they all recommend but found it too thick to spray so I changed to 70/40. It’s amazing how many people are using it.

  5. gonna try that lanna im sick n tired of all those products that say they clean glass etc and dont , my shower screen ( glass ) drives me nuts .

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